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Hello Jay !

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Old 03-12-2012, 02:57 PM
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Default Hello Jay !

Hi Jay,

Im not sure what has happend to our conversation we had on the wwpdx forum.
For some reason your lines have been removed.

If it is the forum, or for some reason you cant see what im asking... Ill ask it again here:
Below you can find the copy past part of that forum.

Hello Jay,

Could you be so kind and answer the question ?

Perhaps you forgot about this thread..as i do see you active in "other ones".

I am really interested in how you are able to measure elevation angle in the far field ?

It makes me wonder why your lines have been removed ? Why is that ?
Perhaps it is a "error" in the forum. If so...then you will have forgotten what you have said. Thankfully, he brigth side is..the quote is still there.

Ill provide it again:

Quote Jay:
Elevation Angles or Take off angles that are computer generated
(Analytical Computer Generated) I tend to ignore or take with a grain of salt. As my elevation angle measurements differ quit a bit from the computer generated elevation measurements as compared to my own measurements. But surly the elevation angles will cause some of this different antennas hearing some stations that the antennas do no

So....please do give some insigth...it is appriciated..

Please do answer on that other forum if possible, im just asking here so i am certain it isnt the "forum" which is causing issues.

Kind regards,

Henry HPSD
1W in a dipole will provide a qso. 100W in a antenna which is 1% as effective as the dipole will do the same. And thats not a good thing.............http://www.cb-antennas.com


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