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  1. Steven L Rowan
  2. PD0G
  3. TX1000
    TX1000 ButtFuzz
    Hi ButtFuzz, I followed a link you posted to your website with advice on two options for a enabling the clarifier on PTBM121D4X radios to adjust the outing TX frequency. However, the link no longer appears to work (sommerkamp_tristar_747_clarifier_unlock.pdf)
    . Could you let me know if you have these mods posted elsewhere or where I could take a look at them? I'm looking to mod my Tristar 747. :)
  4. CamerGrifs
    Мы это инновация, мы Camermen
    Can you discuss tx audio response please.
  6. Bear Bait
    Bear Bait
    Super tired!!! Been on the road since the 18 th! Safe travels everyone!!!
  7. Xracerx13
    Xracerx13 Justme
  8. Xracerx13
    Xracerx13 muppet62
  9. Snakedog33
    Building my mobile setup
  10. Snakedog33
    Building my mobile CB radio
  11. Fat Nasty
    Fat Nasty
    Does anyone know about the Golden Falcon 1000 ten tuber
  12. ray holsten
    ray holsten
    i have a galaxy dx 44v with a built in 220 watt ranger amp. shorted something out in the radio it wont power up for me.
    1. ray holsten
      ray holsten
      antenna hit another trailer while trying to unload ag lime with a hopper bottom
      Oct 2, 2017
  13. Fat Nasty
    Fat Nasty
    I have a 1000 watt falcon amp does anyone know anything about this amp
    1. Fat Nasty
      Fat Nasty
      Does anyone know about the falcon 1000
      Oct 1, 2017
  14. DXman
    DXman Lightning ak
    Howdy there Lynx - yes I do remember talking to you. maybe be can do it again sometime this winter.

    DXman (Larry)
    2WR178 or 2SD178 on Sideband.
  15. Lightning ak
    Lightning ak DXman
    Hey DX man I spoke with you earlier this summer. 223 Western Alaska.