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  1. wg0r
    wg0r Moleculo
    Hi Moleculo. I am interested in your posts re: Elecraft kx3 vfo temperature compensation. I saw a couple of your headlines on the forum, but searching is not bringing them up in the forum. Could you please clue me in to links to them? Thanks, Bill WG0R
  2. Kaitlyn Simpson
  3. silver devil
    silver devil C W Morse
    I just wanted to say what you posted was so true and CBers are the ONLY ONES that fuss over the whole Coax length deal... Know what maters to me? From the shack to the antenna.......... I just get however much i need and put it up... I guarantee these idiots on here will debate this post into the ground... It comes up on EVERY SINGLE CB related forum and the guys argue and argue and argue over it...
  4. kawa33
    kawa33 silver shadow
  5. Radioactive Guy
    Radioactive Guy
    Working on General License study - Interested in HF antenna that will handle as many freqs as possible for one antenna. Open to advice ...
  6. Radioactive Guy
    Radioactive Guy
    My station is an Icom 746Pro, and a Yaesu FT2900/r, and I am only running the Y radio at this time. Need advice on low cost antennas for HF
  7. Radioactive Guy
    Radioactive Guy
    Call sign KE8HXM, licensed since 10/2017 - I am a proverbial new guy. I've always been interested in radio since I was a kid.
  8. Keith Thompson
    Keith Thompson
    Guns and radios.
  9. LeapFrog
  10. Windy City
    Windy City CB Kidd
    Hello Mark Rutherford AKA Mark19960...How ya doing my friend??? You still at 212 Millway Rd, Irmo, SC ??? It's been a while and I'M just wondering how you are doing buddy!!!
  11. 309hellinois
    Hibernating for the winter
  12. BammBamm
    Just because you can doesn't mean that you should!
  13. Softheidalk
  14. Chuck Wehling
    Chuck Wehling
    I need help with this galaxy 99v2!
  15. LeapFrog
    Forward, into the Light!

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