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playing around

tower, flowers and stuff
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Me and youngest grand daughter. another pic of operator position. The XYL and youngest grand daughter. oldest grand daughter telling me I better take her out to feed the bunny and wearing grandmas shoes to be funny. There is a pic of the oldest grand daughter sitting under table with youngest. Newest addition to my family with proud Grandma holding him just after he was born. He is a 5lb 5oz baby boy born on the Monday before Christmas and was the best gift of all this year. 
If it were not for him my family name was going to stop because all the beginning. tip of the iceberg, dirt covering most of the concrete. first section just sitting for me to look at and think of what I want to do. 100 0853

WM1 watt meter. My new shack renovation. new desk,radio, auto tuner. All I need to do is put Ameritron remote switch in line and rotor control. New winch hookup I desighned because I got tired of trying to get help lowering and raising it all the time. playing around playing around playing around playing around

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