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Resonating coax

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Old 01-27-2012, 07:44 AM
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Originally Posted by HomerBB View Post
I read the original quote Booty posted, and then I read all the responses. I do believe the use of the word resignate was meant to say resonant/resonate, and I do believe it is a seriously wrong word to use in the context of the process the original author was trying to describe.

I do not know exactly what he's doing, nor do I know how to articulate what I think he was trying to do, but I am completely convinced he was NOT trying to make a tuning stub, nor do I believe anyone here even remotely understood what it was he was doing, nor did anyone unload their predispositions to the notion of feedline length affecting impedence at the feedpoint or the resonance of the antenna long enough to try to figure out whether the author was going anywhere with his project, or why he said those at the receiving end of his TX saw improvement.

I also figure the guy presumed the antenna was resonant, and well tuned before the coax was adjusted, so I don't think that was his interest in tuning his coax to show an apparent 50 Ohms SWR match. There was no antenna hooked to the end of his coax, just a dummy load on the tee which he was apparently only using to tune his coax and would not stay inline when the coax was attached to his antenna. That said, when the dust of the china shop bulls clears around the arena maybe someone will speak to what was posted and not to what they wanted to say because they didn't understand what the guy was doing. I can't do it, maybe no one can.

If this thread survives the ambush I'll check back in later to see if there was a discussion of the material.

Booty, if I knew the answer to what the guy was talking about I'd sure try to tell you. . . I just don't know.

OK,...... I'll play,..................... if you understand how a multi-band FAN DI-POLE works, why & how the RF "knows" which wire to flow on to.................. then you will also understand what he is trying to do.

the RF wants to "see" 50 ohms , so it goes there vice the non resonant antenna.


bottom line: my dummy load is a poor antenna

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Old 01-27-2012, 09:38 AM
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i didn't know what he was trying to do till he said
"What your doing is tuning the coax to match the SWR of your dummy load and will make it resginate at 27mhz just like the dummy load is."
then i realized he was doing a lot of physical work to avoid all the hard math to calculate out the Velocity factor of your coax at 27 mhz" ...... which is one simple division and one simple multiplication calculation in order to get a electrical half wavelength .

the gain claims for doing it looked a little bit off though

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Old 01-27-2012, 12:55 PM
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Originally Posted by WR0220 View Post

verb. To force or otherwise cause the resignation of someone or something. Resignation, meaning to leave a held position, usually of some power.

Pearl Jam's song "God's Dice" (Binaural, 2000): "Resignate my will." ... "Resignate my god."


Resignate actually is a word, but hardly applies to the content of the post. I agree, it's total BS. I didn't realize that 27MHz was a CB channel, but even if it was true what would happen to the 'resignate' coax (at 27MHz) when you changed to a different frequency?
It is not a word, it is slang, a word created for a song. The Urban dictionary is full of such poetic utterances. I agree the post is BS however, but BM and Bush 43 probably like it, so it's alright by me.

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