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102" whip vs. one of my Coily's

Discussion in 'CB Antennas' started by hossless, Oct 30, 2004.

  1. hossless

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    Hey all, I did a little test last night on my way home from work with a 102" ss whip and a Mr Coily antenna. It was nothing fancy or complicated. I live about 40 miles from where I leave the big truck. I hooked up one antenna and then the other and talked to a guy about 65 miles away, (the local ground wave conditions were outstanding). This test was done with no fire in the wire. Then I stopped 3 different times along the way home and did the same thing switching antennas, each time getting closer to the other station. The 102" steel whip had much better receive than the comp style coil antenna, (I don't have figures or numbers, just what I heard). The swr fluctuated tremedously with the 102" whip when driving down the road (whip, bounce bend...), swr remained fairly stable with the stiffer coil antenna. The guy on the base station said when I hooked up the Coily, the audio almost doubled. So, my unsophistocated test told me that the 102" whip has much better ears but the Comp style coil antennas put out much louder audio.


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  2. Moleculo

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    Apr 14, 2002
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    If you saw the SWR going all over the place with the 102" whip, I bet the radio was not liking what it saw and was reducing power output accordingly. That would explain some of the TX difference. The other factor would be angle of radiation. It's very likely that the two antennas have a different angle of radiation, which can explain some differences depending on how much different it is between antennas. What size shaft, coil, and stinger were you using?


  3. JustinDePolis2

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    Off to bed right now, there are some reasons for this, but I am baffled how a piece of metal that radiates can give an amplitude modulated signal more audio? <img src=http://users.joplin.com/dutch64804/posticon24.gif ALT=":lmao">

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  4. Highlander821

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    Justin, do you mean to tell us you haven't heard of "audio gain" yet? Why, the good folks at Jogunn have been using it for years!!!

    To bad nobody will publish a paper on it, so that the radio industry and academics too can learn of it's wonderful properties!

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  5. hossless

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    Howdy all, most of the testing was done standing still - so there was no fluctuation of swr with the 102" whip while parked. Only when I was rolling down the interstate. The 102" whip performed well and had good tx but not as good as the Coily.

    The Coily on the other hand had good rx but not as good as the 102" whip. I had about a 1.3 swr sitting still with the 102" and about a 1.1 with the Coily at all locations. The Coily I used has a 36" shaft. Both were mounted on a heavy duty stud and mount just behind and just above the cab of my pickup.

    I did the same test about two weeks ago with the 102" whip and a fiberglass "Power Stick". The 102" whip murdered the Power Stick in both rx and tx - there was no comparison.

    The 102" ss whip is excellent, no doubt about it, and other tests might come up with different results. This was just a little something a local here in TN and I wanted to do out of curiosity. I wanted to know if it is really worth all the $$ and hype for the "Comp style" coil antennas. I like running my Coily and Predator 10k antennas on the pickup and on the big trucks. I can get the length of the coil antennas down to where I need them and not sacrifice in overall great performance. I wouldn't hesitate buying another Predator 10k in the future. Even though the rx with the Coily (in my test) wasn't quite as good ast the 102" whip, it still was good, and the tx audio was quite a bit better.<img src=http://users.joplin.com/dutch64804/posticon36.gif ALT=":36"> <img src=http://users.joplin.com/dutch64804/posticon21.gif ALT=":21">



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