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A/C driver PAL Buddy mobile with (1) 8950 tube made to run on 12 volts *PICS*&*VIDEO*

Discussion in 'CB Radio Gear SwapShop' started by pumphouse, Jan 29, 2010.

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    Sep 2, 2005
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    Selling because upgrading my DC stuff. I finally decided to put her up for sale. PAL "buddy" mobile with (1) 8950 tube. With a uniden grant xl dead key 2 watts swing 7 AVG (20 peak bird) box does about 75 avg (about 175 bird peak). Video of this claim below. Since i posted this originally a few months back, box has undergone a few updates by a licensed and experience tube amplifier tech. Before and after pics included. What was done? Check below:

    (2) silver caps changed out and replaced with a better value (see pic) old parts included. Old value 5 MFD. New value: 22uf.

    (2) wires added for fan operation.

    cracked plastic on meter replaced.

    Cooling fan added on top of unit. Cover was not drilled but tie straps were used. Fan is on TIGHT! Fan works when you turn switch on standby or on, fan comes on. Tie straps were used just in case new owner wants to remove fan and keep the look original.

    Box makes a cool high voltage sound when keyed. This is normal operation.

    Here are the before pics:




    AND Finally, a you tube video showing PAL buddy working properly with a uniden grant xl. Video made on 01-28-10.

    YouTube - pal buddy.avi

    Asking $200 (includes shipping). Will be shipped via USPS priority mail flat rate box with insurance. Payment must be via paypal. Will ship to you once paypal clears my account (usually 3 business days) This is to protect myself from chargebacks etc...

    Do I accept trades? Yes. ONLY THE ITEMS BELOW PLEASE:

    Straight up trade for a Dave Made, X-FoRCE or FAT BOY 4 pill (4) 2879's (NO DRIVER) You pay to ship your box and I Will pay to ship my box.

    Trade for: (1) pill (2290) Dave Made, X-Force or fatboy driver with variable. And you pay me $100.


    HR2510 not modified STRONGLY preferred, doc tuned okay, HR2600 with chipswitch not modified STRONGLY preferred, doc tuned okay. Must have bracket, power cord and stock mic. If no bracket, Astatic mic 575-m6 will make up for missing bracket.

    Thats it. If it is not on the list above, no trade.

    PS includes both anderson quick disconnects. (SB50 model).

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