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Alpha 10 AM/FM Frequency Conversion 6 Bands with CB Frequencies

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Modifications' started by AudioShockwav, Mar 20, 2011.

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    With the Power turned OFF, Press and hold the DW and CH 9 Buttons while powering ON the radio. The radio will now work on 6 Bands ranging from 25.615 -28.305 Mhz.

    Press the CH 9 Button to Change Bands -FQ Button changes Display from Frequency to CH/Band


    BAND A: 25.615 -26.055 Mhz BAND
    B: 25.065 -26.505 Mhz BAND
    C: 26.515 -26.955 Mhz BAND
    D: 26.965 -27.405 Mhz (CB Band) BAND
    E: 27.415 -27.855 Mhz BAND
    F: 27.865 -28.305 Mhz
    10 Meter Conversion:

    With the Power turned OFF, Press and hold the DW and M4 Buttons while Powering ON the radio. The radio will reset back to it's original 10 Meter Amateur Band Setting.


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