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Codeplug Error on GM360 UHF Radio

Discussion in 'Ham Equipment' started by 527Rod, May 8, 2009.

  1. 527Rod

    527Rod Member

    May 8, 2009
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    I have a GM360 Motorola VHF radios that has a code plug error.
    From what I can gather this is related to corrupted data and that the CPS is too old for the firemware in the radio.
    How can this happen?
    Is there an easy fix?
    I have found a RG45 to USB programming cable on Ebay. What else is required to do the programming?
    Can a RJ45 to 9pin serial cable work? Do anyone know the pin out required to interface?
    Where can I get the latest CPS software / firmware for uploading?
    What software is required to interface with the radio?

    Sorry for all the questions.
    Thanks for your help.


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