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Cushcraft Ringo for 2 meters....?

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Antennas' started by WX2MIG, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. WX2MIG

    WX2MIG Still Alive & Well

    Dec 10, 2008
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    These antenna's have been around since the first time I got into amateur radio back in the 80's, and they were decent units that handled the wind pretty good, as well as put out a good signal.

    I see they still make them, and also an upgraded model that's taller and has more db gain.

    Anybody use one....?
    Are they still a good bang for the buck.....?

    Being on the Atlantic coast I need antennas that can handle strong winds...often......
  2. Beetle

    Beetle Well-Known Member

    Dec 7, 2005
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    I've had a 2M/440 MHz Ringo up for about 15 years without a single problem.
  3. hookedon6

    hookedon6 W9WDX Amateur Radio Club Member

    Jun 21, 2008
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    the AR-2's are well built and perform well for FM repeater usage. how about building a copper j-pole?
    if you are going to operate 2 meter SSB, you may want to look at a 13-b2.
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  4. W5LZ

    W5LZ Crotchety Old Bastard

    Apr 8, 2005
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    The 'AR-2' is still being made, and are as worth as big a 'hoot' now as they ever were. Not a bad antenna, which just depends on what you want it for. Does just fine for the general run of FM stuff, repeaters etc. Maybe not so 'fine' for SSB, not the typical polarization for that, but will certainly work with SSB. Most of what I do on 2 meters has to do with FM, vertical polarization, so it would work just dandy, if I weren't so cheap and didn't mind the price. I'm using a 'J'-pole which does about the same thing, or at least what I want it to do. (It was given to me so very much satisfies my 'cheapness'. :))
    Actually, most of the older antennas are still around. May have changed their names, or where they're made, but still kicking as high as ever.
    - 'Doc
  5. BJ radionut

    BJ radionut Supporting Member

    May 9, 2008
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    Ringo Ranger II

    I must agree with Doc. The Ringo antennas have proven over time to be effective and dependable over many years. They work well at just about any heights. I have used them from just 15 or 20ft to a sky needle at 70+ft. All have served me well. I would get the longer Ranger II version if it meets your budget...but good feedline is a big consideration at 2 meter freq's 9913 or 8214 Belden are just a couple I have used in runs less than 100ft and will work well.

    I have a budget minded antenna I bought for scanner use that has really surprised on 2m...the MFJ 5/8th ground plane...about $25 (I think)...I paid $19 at a Hamfest. When my tower came down in that storm and my ringo was trashed I hooked my 45 watt RS rig to it "Just to get by"...Darn if I was not surprised in that little antenna at only 18ft up. I work easily 30 to 40 miles Simplex under normal conditions at high power. I have worked 80+ miles under good conditions...so just a thought about quick and cheap.

    I had a 1/4 wave homebrew GP made from a SO239 connector and #10 solid copper wire at an old apartment once or twice and those will surprise you also up 15ft and in clear space.

    Then for 2m SSB I made a 2 element Quad with plastic pipe and solid wire...They work good! I had one I took camping for years...The old armstrong rotor system at the apartment or camping up 15ft and roll it over to change polarity. With good band conditions 50 to 60 mile range to repeaters and Simplex SSB/FM was pretty common early in the Spring/Summer months.
    Just my thoughts
    All the Best

    One More Note:
    The AR-10 Ringo is a good 1/2 wave GP for 10m...had one up at about 60ft at the base...worked the world. I have one in the barn now to go up on the new tower in Spring...or early summer "I hope!" above the 4 element Tri-bander. They are a Great antenna! and will take a pounding from the Midwest storms and just keep working. 73 GL
  6. WX2MIG

    WX2MIG Still Alive & Well

    Dec 10, 2008
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    Thanks for the feedback guys.....mucho appreciated.....

    I'm looking at both the AR2, and the ARX2B.....

    I like the original AR2 from a wind load stand point, but the ARX2B looks like it would be one kicka$$ 2 meter antenna for under a hundred bucks, plus I already have RG213 running out there to the Metz coil loaded marine antenna that's screwed to the peak of my garage roof that I've been using with my HT.

    What I'm thinking about doing here in the garage / shack is....getting another Yaesu FT-2800M, powering it up with a Samex SEC-1223 power supply, and changing out the coil loaded Metz Manta6 VHF Marine antenna for the Cushcraft that (obviously) would be tuned for the 2 meter amateur band, and not the VHF Marine band. The Metz antenna has a pretty wide range, but I wouldn't pipe 65 watts throught it with the slightly higher SWR's I'm no doubt getting.

    Running QRP through a mis-matched antenna just isn't cutting it on FM simplex, and I even have a had time hitting some of the repeaters farther out, so I think I'll spend the money I was saving for an HF rig, and improve my VHF equipment first, then save up for the low bands and do that later on down the road......
  7. WX2MIG

    WX2MIG Still Alive & Well

    Dec 10, 2008
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    My ARRL Antenna Book showed up yesterday, I downloaded the CD into the shack laptop, and while quickly paging through it I stopped at the page on constructing the 2 meter J-Pole......

    Other than the fact that I do not yet own a VHF SWR meter, this thing is a piece of cake.....(y)
    I already have the copper pipe, and most of the fittings, I also own all the tools needed....and the best part is, they claim it works every bit as good as the Ringo. The heck with buying a Ringo, I'll build this for next to nothing, and spend the money on an SWR meter.....

    I'll take the book to work with me tomorrow and study up on it a little more, the only tricky part looks to be the choke coil they mentioned. I'm wondering if I can make something out of PVC pipe, end caps, #12 solid copper wire, and an SO-239, that way I can just disconnect my 9913 from the coil loaded whip, and screw it to the J-Pole.....

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