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FT-8800 Extended TX and RX Mod

Discussion in 'Yaesu' started by AudioShockwav, Jun 9, 2011.

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    ( this mod is from Bill, WD5JFM)

    I just recently purchased a FT8800 and could not find any mod for the freq CAP/MARS modification: Called Yaesu 8-22-03 and said that it would be around 2 months before it would be released.
    I took the 8 screws off of the top and sides of the unit. Located the main CPU and on the left side approximately the same location as the FT8900 are 6 spaces next to the case. One Resistor/Diode at the front toward the panel and one at the rear most position toward the back of the unit.

    I took it on myself to unsolder the front as it was similar too the 8900 and left the rear one in tact.

    IT WORKED; powered the unit up and it went through the entire reset like the 8900. NOTE: The resistor/diode when unsoldering I used a very low wattage soldering iron with a ground strap from the iron too the case of the radio. It works flawlessly.


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