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Galaxy 33HP2 w/ mods, FC 347 freq counter

Discussion in 'CB Radio Gear SwapShop' started by n4jnw, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. n4jnw

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    May 15, 2010
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    Selling my month old 33HP2 and it's frequency counter. Nothing wrong with it, just found a new toy and we all know how that goes. This radio is exactly a month old, and dosen't have a single scratch on it. The only markings are from where it was in a bracket on my desk. It's NEVER been in a vehicle, and NEVER smoked around. I don't smoke.

    The radio has been tuned/modded by Sparky's with a TopGun Compressor and upgraded recieve. This thing has super ears, hottest recieve I've ever had in a radio. It's showing about 40 peak on my Dosy meter and dosen't even get hot. Seriously, I've talked on this thing for hours at a time and the heatsink was barely warm. It could probably be tuned a little hotter if you wanted, but I told Sparky's to tune it for dependability, so I'm certain he didn't go all out on it. Or maybe it just runs cool?

    I purchased the freq. counter from GI Joes, and you know what they cost. Right at about $50. I also have all of the accessories (bracket, cables) that came with the frequency counter when it was new that I'll also include. The radio will come with hardware, new bracket, microphone, unused power cable, knobs, etc.

    I have right at $235 in the radio, $50 in the freq. counter.

    $200 firm gets it all to your door. Otherwise, it's going to ebay in a few days. I usually don't mind to haggle on stuff I have for sale, but I can't on this. You're getting $285 worth of stuff plus free shipping for $200.


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