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Hallicrafters S-40B Antenna

Discussion in 'Scanning & Shortwave Listening' started by Mike337, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. Mike337

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    Jan 8, 2012
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    I dug out my fathers old Hallicrafters S-40B last night and it still works like a dream. I would like to put up a long wire antenna in the attic. The attic is T shaped. I was thinking down one side, up the middle and back down the other in the shape of a squared off M about 10 feet apart on the legs in just the larger attic. My other choices would be down 15 ft turn left and run it another 30 feet in an L shape or I could take it in a U for an additional 30 feet in the smaller attic space, or finally, around the whole attic for about 125 ft. Any thoughts? What's the correct wire size? Thanks.

  2. W5LZ

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    Crotchety Old Bastard

    Apr 8, 2005
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    What size wire? Whatever size you happen to have handy. Size isn't going to make any significant difference if it's strong enough to hold it's self up.
    If there's any particular band that appeals to you, I'd make the antenna of a length that would favor that band. If you don't have any particular band of interest, then in general, the longest antenna you can conveniently manage should do fine.
    The 'problem' with running antennas 'back' on them selves is that some portion of a signal can be 'neutralized', 'wasted', sort of. That deals with frequency and wave lengths, a particular 'length' being better than another in that relationship.
    If you continue the run of wire back to the radio, the whole thing becomes part of the antenna. That can be either good or bad, just depends on what that part of the antenna is run near. The one thing that people seldom remember about longwire/random wire antennas is that theydo require the 'other half' of the antenna, a good ground system. Lots of variations in that, but all antennas need that 'other half' to work well. That other half can be in the form of a 'ground', or just another length of wire (feed the thing in the middle). You have gobs of alternatives. Got metal window screens? Just for grins, hook a wire from one to the antenna jack on that radio, you might be surprised. And antenna is just an electrical conductor of signals. If it's electrically conductive, it can be an antenna, or part of one.
    Have fun.
    - 'Doc

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