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Info on Kenwood TS50 battery!

Discussion in 'Ham Equipment' started by Marconi, Feb 13, 2002.

  1. Marconi

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    My radio started to loose receive, intermittently, then one time I turned it on and the VFO went to 14.000. I knew that the battery was bad. I also lost all my presets.

    What is involved in replacing the battery and does this all sound like it is related to the battery going out?

    Hang loose,



    LSB 27.365-405

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  2. W5LZ

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    Crotchety Old Bastard

    Apr 8, 2005
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    Marconi -

    Yeah, sounds like the battery. Can't help with replacing

    it, never tried (yet). Really shouldn't be that hard though.

    - 'Doc

  3. main

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    Author: Kenwood Communication, inc.

    Service Bulletin no. 1015 (10 May 1993)


    Immediately after replacing the Lithium battery you must cycle the radio ON then OFF. Failure to follow this procedure will result in premature failure of the battery. If the power is not cycled ON then OFF the microprocessor will immediately begin drawing approximately 1 mA of power from the Lithium battery, resulting in poor battery life.

    When the battery is replaced we recommend the insulation sheet also be changed. Part numbers for the battery and insulation sheet follow.

    Parts required:

    Qty Description Kenwood Part No. Circuit description

    1 Lithium battery W09-0515-05 BA1

    1 Insulating sheet F20-0521-04 --

    Caution: This modification requires soldering equipment rated for CMOS type circuits. It also requires familiarity with surface mount soldering techniques. If you do not have the proper equipment or knowledge do not attempt this modification yourself. Seek qualified assistance.

    Time required for this modification is 15 minutes or less.

    Found this information atwww.mods.dk/

  4. Marconi

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    Yea Doc, I understand that this battery problem can occur without the battery being bad. It seems that oxidation can be a problem. Main's info was helpful. I have talked to a Kenwood service tech and he notes that the replacement problem has to do with the need for CMOS soldering techniques and equipment in the SM board radio with miniature components.

    Thanks for the replies,

    Hang loose,



    LSB 27.365-405

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  5. WalshU

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    Was looking into buying a TS-50, how do you like it?


  6. marconi390

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    Well, I got it fixed and cost about $40. I used Avvid in the Dallas/Fort Worth to work on it. I love my little radio and it talks like a big one. It dose like a good match at the back of the radio, so I run the tuner all the time. It does like and need plenty of clean amperage though, so get a good one if you plan to run full power. I run at 50 watts most of the time and I find that to be just about all I ever need. For local work I let it idle at 10 watts and it works great. I don't get big signal reports but it sure produces some clean, clear audio, so I am told.

    Hang loose,

    Marconi 39ZERO</p>

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