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Items F/S including a Cobra 135 base

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Gear Swapshop' started by k7bmz, May 5, 2012.

  1. k7bmz

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    Mar 19, 2011
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    For sale or will trade all items for a good working HF radio at least 80 to 10 meter. Would like a heathkit or maybe a Yaesu FT-101 series or possibly Kenwood 520, 530 etc.

    Very nice good working Cobra 135 23 channel base with mod from 26.955 to 27.785 the clarifier is unlocked and the flip clock works well and keeps good time all lights work it comes with a cobra hand mic and AC power cord. asking $110 + $20 shipping

    MFJ-207 swr analyzer works good $55 + $10 shipping

    K40 hand mic and Archer SWR meter $20 + $5 shipping

    Kenwood 2mtr 7950 mobile with mic power cord bracket manual and original box asking $135 + $20 shipping

    Browning S9 and 2700 rec and banana mic needs repair is very heavy sold as is $45 + $45 shipping

    Pyramid ps-8kx 8amp surge 6 amp constant power supply works well $25 + $15 shipping

    HTX-202 2 mtr HT in great condition include spkr mic wall wart rubber duck manual $90 + $15 shipping

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