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MARS Mod for Icom IC-2AT?

Discussion in 'Icom' started by T23, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. T23

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    Apr 17, 2010
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    I found this mod on the internet for a MARS mod for the Icom IC-2AT for frequency coverage between 140 and 150 MHZ, I wanted to know though, has anyone done this and where exactly are the C2 C3 C4 and COM points on the PCB I am assuming its at the base and thumwheel connections of the ribbon.

    "Some of these radios were sold with only 144-148Mhz coverage (USA) or 144-146MHz (European). This mod allows full coverage from 140-150 MHz:

    Open up the radio and locate the flexible ribbon cable that connects the thumbwheel switches to the main circuit board.

    At the main circuit board end of the flexible ribbon cable add a jumper at location C4. There should already be a jumper at location C2.

    At the thumbwheel switch end of the flexible ribbon cable remove the jumper which connects C3 and COM.

    Reassemble the radio. Coverage is now 140-150 MHZ which will handle most MARS and CAP monitoring needs. Note that the repeater offset is still 600KHz which no MARS or CAP repeater uses... "


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