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Mr.S here is my bandwidth curves for the Marconi 7x vs. 4x

Discussion in 'CB Antennas' started by Marconi, Mar 5, 2011.

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    Oct 23, 2005
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    Hey MrS, I modified my Marconi antenna as you suggested, to see what happens with the 3 horizontal radials removed from the antenna. You didn't say, as usual, what you thought would be the results, when asking me what I thought those elements might be doing for the antenna.

    When I did the first testing of my 1/4 wave idea, adding radials, I saw a nice increase in field strength on air and using my FS Meter at about 50' feet out and 20' feet high at the tip of the FSM antenna as I added more radials. I attempted to duplicate this idea back in 2009 again, but I was having trouble with my analyzer and failed in the attempt.

    Here is what happened as best I can tell. I'll be testing the new M4x over the next few days to try and determine if I can see any difference against the SGM vs. the M7x. And then I'm going to try and test a shortened radiator with a top hat on the Marconi xx, which ever proves to show the best signals. It will be interesting to see what the bandwidth might show on such a setup as I suggest.

    What do you think such a setup might show, including performance, match, and bandwidth?

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