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New MFJ High power Triplexers

Discussion in 'Ham Equipment' started by Moleculo, Mar 23, 2012.

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    MFJ is really coming out with a lot of new products right now. Here's some info that was sent to me in a press release about their new high power Triplexers for HF,VHF,UHF, and 900mhz/1.2ghz:

    Model No.|MFJ-4926S|MFJ-4926C|MFJ-4936S|MFJ4946SN
    Price|$59.95 |$69.95 |$59.95 |$69.95
    Freq (MHz)|1.6-60 |1.6-60|1.6-150|140-150
    Output Con|SO-239|Pigtail PL259|SO-239|N-Female
    Output Con|SO-239|Pigtail PL259|SO-239|SO-239
    Output Con|SO-239|Pigtail PL259|SO-239|N-Female
    Input Con|SO-239|SO-239|SO-239|N-Female
    Power (W)|800/500/500|200/200/200|500/500/500|800/500/200
    Insertion Loss|.20/.20/.20 dB|.20/.20/.20 dB|.23/.23/.30 dB|.20/.30/.34 dB
    VSWR|< 1.2|< 1.2|< 1.2|< 1.2
    Isolation|> 55 dB|> 55 dB|> 55 dB|> 55 dB
    Impedance|50 Ohms|50 Ohms|50 Ohms|50 Ohms
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