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Quick Start Alternators....Kudos Deserved

Discussion in 'General CB Services Discussion' started by Regulator, Jan 19, 2007.

  1. Regulator

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    May 23, 2006
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    I would like to take a minute to fill everyone in on my experience with Quick Start Alternators.


    I purchased a 200 amp replacement alternator for my 2003 Silverado HD from Quick Start. I went all out and ordered the top of the line alternator that would be a drop in replacement for my 105 amp OEM unit. When the well packaged box arrived I marvels at the beauty of my new generator :D

    I dropped it in and everything seemed to be going GREAT.....until I keyed my radio. The voltage immediatly started to drop, and it wasn't long until warning lights on my dash confirmed my suspicion....something was BAD wrong. The new alt came off and immediatly went back toward Quick Start. While it was en-route, I called and spoke with Randy about the problem. He said that when it arrived he would bench test it and see what the problem was. He wondered if some of the newer hi-power scanners used on air freight could have damaged the internals. I was thinking RF interference. After a couple of weeks, it was back. There was no indication of any repairs, or explanation of any test results.

    I re-installed it and.......SAME PROBLEM :evil:

    Back to Quick Start, and another conversation with Randy. We had several discussions via e-mail trying to come to a concensus on what the issue may be. I had noticed during my inspections that there were some electronic components inside the back cover that differ from the OEM alternator. There was a set of aluminum fins on one of the pieces that REALLY caught my attention....I'm thinkin WOW that probably makes a pretty efficient antenna! I went into a semi-detailed explanation covering my RF theory (I think I acutally read a thread on here regarding a similar issue, which led to my RF suspicions to begin with). He agreed, and suggested that the "Heavy Duty" voltage regulator with the heatsink, be replaced with an OEM part.

    Well....it's back, and back in..... ROCK FREAKIN' SOLID voltage now!!! I have done everything to put as much draw on it as possible. I CANNOT get the voltmeter to drop at all...even at IDLE!!

    Over the course of my dealings with Randy, and Quick Start I'm sure I was a major PIA. Randy could have told me to "Blow it out my A$$" since I was operating radio equipment in excess of FCC regs, and equipment could not be expected to perform properly in such an enviroment. NO, he listend to my complaints (probably cussing me when I was done, and rightly so ) and he MADE IT RIGHT!! I have offered to reimburse him for the repairs and additional shipping costs, as I want to "make it right as well", but have not as of yet received a response.

    I also want to let everyone here know that my initial speculation with Quick Start was unwarranted. If anyone here needs an affordable, high quality factory replacement...give 'em a try. However, make sure that you shy away from the "Heavy Duty" voltage regulators if your running some "fire in yo wire".

    Randy, and Quick Start Alternators....KUDOS!!

    and Thanks Again!
    Scott Chappell aka Regulator

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