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RCI 2950DX with 15 Meters! Good Shape

Discussion in 'CB Radio Gear SwapShop' started by Wire Weasel, Feb 27, 2011.

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    Hi gang, Got this radio in a trade and even though it's pretty nice it is still excess to my needs right now. Recent version 2950DX with the green display and bold black readouts. I've heard of an alternate freq mod for these radios in the past enabling 15 meters but never had my hands on one. Was pleasantly surprised to find that this rig was set up like this. Freq. coverage is 21.000~29.6999.9 straight through. Radio is in used condition, has typical accumulation of light scuffs on the sides from mounting bracket. The charcoal gray bezel has scuffs on the top corner edges showing the black underneath. Rest of looks are pretty good. I'll rate as 8 of 10 on looks.

    Power section needed retuning as it sat so I did that and radio is performing as should and to the extent I could test it. Below list is with variable knob turned on HIGH. Set the high to 10 watts in mid-band. LOW is set at 3.5 watts. You can change these later if you want. Modulation is peaked out.

    21.350 AM 6W swing to 25W SSB 30W
    24.950 AM 10W to 25W SSB 35W
    27.205 AM 10W to 25W SSB 35W
    28.400 AM 10W to 25W SSB 35W

    I talked on all modes to locals on 12,11,10 meters. All reports are completely normal, loud, clean and clear. On 15 meters I do not have an antenna that will tune there nor are any locals capable at the moment either so I could only test the operation/power on a dummy load. I can NOT certify that the radio is talking or hearing normally on 15 meters. Sometimes these wide-banded rigs require realigning if you want to exclusively use them on one far end of its range or the other. So this may need to be done if you definitely wish to talk on this radio on 15 meters. I WILL certify that all operation is good and normal on 12,11 and at least the lower SSB portion of 10 meters as I have fully tested and talked on it there.

    Only other problem I spot is that the up/down buttons on the MIC do NOT change the frequency. And I tried two different ones. So I don't know what is going on with that. The up/down BUTTONS on the RADIO work fine as well as the main VFO knob....just not the mic. I have not tested the SPLIT or PROGRAMMING functions and do NOT have the manual for this radio but a manual is easily downloaded online. All regular use functions are tested and working as should. Roger beep, ANL,NB, Light Dimming, etc....are all good.

    Radio comes with RCI hand mic with top buttons, black mounting bracket, 4 knobs and long fused power cord. Has mic clip attached in typical spot on front/right side. No box or manual.

    Feel free to ask any questions and I'll answer if I can but I do not know anything about any realignment procedure for 15 meters should that be necessary.

    Will list here for 1 week then it's off to ebay for the same price. $200 shipped, not looking for any trades at this time. Mail payment or paypal fine. Includes delivery confirmation and insurance and email you the tracking number.


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