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TS-570DG SSB/FM/CW/FSK power output

Discussion in 'Kenwood' started by AudioShockwav, Aug 14, 2011.

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    The power (Wattage) increase is in the Service menu.

    To Access the service menu you need to short two pins (8 & 9) of the 13 pin ACC2 plug on the back of the rig.

    Turn the rig off, hold down the NR and USB buttons while powering on.

    The HELLO message appears along with the word "adjust" to the right. Using the Multi/chan knob you will be able to scroll through the service menu.

    Menu 18 is the power output adjust.

    Factory default should be in the range 115 - 125. Turn this up via the up/down buttons, Don't go higher then 140-145!!!

    In order for the adjustment to take place you must go the to the last menu, the one that says Eprom write, push either the up or down button. The display should say "writing" then "good", writing takes 1-2 seconds.

    Pull the shorting pin from the ACC2 on back of the radio, turn the rig off, turn it back on, and that should do the power adjustment.

    Now your power output meter on the front of the radio will only go up to 60, That's normal for this mod.

    The mod does not increase AM power.


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