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  1. melaza
    melaza Mk121
    Whats wrong with your radio?
  2. Sonar
    Sonar ShadeTreeMechanic
    Chris. I'm at my doctor's office. That guy uped his price for that wm1 knowing it most likely wouldn't sell. He said he'd most likely get some negative messages about the price. I don't want to look bad to this seller. If you don't want it please let me know asap. At $149.95 it's about 30 dollars more than I'd like to pay. But I'll take it anyway Please get back to me asap. Thanks Chris.
    1. ShadeTreeMechanic
      Sent you a PM
      Mar 12, 2018 at 2:26 PM
  3. ShadeTreeMechanic
    I have already downloaded the manual, thanks. I saw in a recent post that you are without power. If there is anything I can do let me know.
  4. Sonar
    Sonar ShadeTreeMechanic
    Hope all is going well Chris. I did want to tell you that although I do have a manual for the fs 2340 I don't have any way to make a copy for you. I purchased a manual for the radio from barkett Electronics. High-quality paper and the print is perfect. It's an exact copy of the original manual. Jojo.
  5. EA5GU
    The radio in pure state
  6. BJ radionut
    BJ radionut
    Everyday is now Saturday, since retirement. I think I will get use to this!
    1. hillbilly101 and 357magnum like this.
  7. Sonar
    Sonar Moleculo
    Moleculo. I'm still having these issues. I'd like to log out. Then log in again. Maybe that'll solve my issues. Unfoutuatly I can't even log out. Or figure out how to. Any advice on how I can log out? Thanks
  8. wjm1129
    wjm1129 ExitThirteen
    Hello I noticed awhile ago that you were trying to find an alternative final for the bc 980.Did you ever come up with anything? The final in my 980 burned up yesterday and I don't want to junk the radio.I can fix itand want to make it more reliable. Thanks.
  9. Andy00778
  10. wg0r
    wg0r Moleculo
    Hi Moleculo. I am interested in your posts re: Elecraft kx3 vfo temperature compensation. I saw a couple of your headlines on the forum, but searching is not bringing them up in the forum. Could you please clue me in to links to them? Thanks, Bill WG0R
  11. Kaitlyn Simpson
  12. silver devil
    silver devil C W Morse
    I just wanted to say what you posted was so true and CBers are the ONLY ONES that fuss over the whole Coax length deal... Know what maters to me? From the shack to the antenna.......... I just get however much i need and put it up... I guarantee these idiots on here will debate this post into the ground... It comes up on EVERY SINGLE CB related forum and the guys argue and argue and argue over it...
  13. kawa33
    kawa33 silver shadow
  14. Radioactive Guy
    Radioactive Guy
    Working on General License study - Interested in HF antenna that will handle as many freqs as possible for one antenna. Open to advice ...
  15. Radioactive Guy
    Radioactive Guy
    My station is an Icom 746Pro, and a Yaesu FT2900/r, and I am only running the Y radio at this time. Need advice on low cost antennas for HF
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