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  1. HillbillysCbShop
    Owner. Of 144 Cb Store in Joplin Missouri
  2. 391redneckradio
    Key it up and let the tongue hang out of it!
  3. Flyincoyote
    This is kind of off topic for this site.Does anybody know of a good AM receiver radio antenna to get up in the air ??
  4. 26TAZZ
    If it doesn’t kill you.....will make you stronger
  5. David Eden
    David Eden
    Well 2nd time back as a member goingbto be needing some help with a pres washington first run.
  6. Joec
    Looking for a new cb, my old connex broke down, cracked board. Nothing else cuts the mustard after that radio. What is the best high end?
  7. tuner
    tuner nosepc
    Mr. Nospec , I started another antenna group on FB. It's called "Vintage CB Antennas . " hope to see you join :)
  8. Eddie kennada
    Eddie kennada
    I have a 98vhp that will not key up i need help with this kd9keh
  9. Doghouse
    Staying in the Doghouse
  10. 347boiseidaho
    347boiseidaho jenhart
    Are you looking for an amplifier?
  11. dgtr43
    dgtr43 OldTech03
    Hey Denny, checking the status of my Tram Corsair Radio. I will go ahead and pay you for your work and shipping through pay pal. Call me back at 601 624 3728, Donald.
  12. D.R. Howell
    D.R. Howell loosecannon
    Hi loosecannon,
    Ive been searching for info on mosfet for cobra 21ltd Classic. Low_boy said you might have done one, is is there any info you would share?
    1. loosecannon
      Yes let me get back to you after i look in my notes.
      I will reply in the thread.
      Feb 21, 2019
      D.R. Howell likes this.
    2. D.R. Howell
      D.R. Howell
      Feb 21, 2019
  13. D.R. Howell
    D.R. Howell
    Has anyone every done a MOSFET in a Cobra 21 Ltd classic?
  14. bus13282
    Having problems with swr meter,after turning knob to CAL when I move my hand away the needle moves on it’s own. Any ideas? thanks
  15. rchrdm
    rchrdm Robalo
    My TS-940S is having an intermittent problem. The radio powers up, but the white digits of the frequency display disappear along with the audio. There are dots on the frequency display. Then, it will come back on again after a few minutes, then go off, etc.

    Your YouTube video link is broken. I found a couple of videos by you on this topic, but they are in Spanish. Do you have an English version?

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