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  1. 606KentuckyWaving
  2. Edwin Arriaza
    Edwin Arriaza BJ radionut
    Thank you. Will be testing. Although my real problem is I have the antenna described but cannot make it lower SWR than 3.5 not even varying the length of gamma element. I appreciate your help.
  3. Cam Tetzlaff
    Cam Tetzlaff Shadetree Mechanic
    My dad bought one around '85-'86. I remember helping him build it. He also got. Tamiya wild Willy keep. So many fond memories with those.
  4. Shadetree Mechanic
    Shadetree Mechanic
    Yes the new version of the Optima is on the right. I got the Optima for my son 2 years ago. I have always wanted one since I was a kid.
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  5. Cam Tetzlaff
    Cam Tetzlaff Shadetree Mechanic
    I was looking at your picture of your bench, is one of those RC cars a Kyosho Optima by chance?
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  6. Blackhawk
    Blackhawk nomadradio
    Hey nomad,I'm in need of work on a 2xgs35 box.had a.c. hum in background of audio.ive been up there a few year back.i know Redman.and john.can yo uhh work me in or hook me up with a trusted tech.im around cordon.73
  7. ALVIN
    Just bought a DRX111 Livewire 1/2 Wave 10/11m Portable Antenna System in eBay! Looking forward to try it outdoors! 2AT111
  8. Jim5570091
    Anyone know how many watts to drive an X force 1KW amp with?
  9. Stu Soura
    Stu Soura
    have a Elite 500 tube base amplifier. I need 2 transformers. Where I can buy any. The name on both is Carson and number is 7309 95-11.
  10. Rusty_831
    3rd generation antenna farmer
  11. Markh777
    Good Morning! Remember the Uniden PC 122? There were 2 freq expansion kits for lowers only or uppers only. Anyone know what they were?
  12. Markh777
    Just a radio guy in the great Pacific Northwest.
  13. AudioShockwav
    Working for the weekend.
  14. KJ4CYH
    KJ4CYH Shadetree Mechanic
    You really should buy my Cobra 29 with the Turner mic!
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  15. Scott62646
    Scott62646 loosecannon
    Hey it's scott62646, I lost my phone, and couldn't get my passwords straightened out anyway you were helping me with routing for an antenna on the dozer, so this week I got a 102 whip coming with the coax and any hardware, I'll reach out to you when it gets delivered and maybe you can help me set it up thanks, and I got a few questions about my Galaxy DX 33 HP
    1. loosecannon
      You got it. Click up on top of the page where it says your name and you should find our conversation. If you cant find it let me know and ill message you in it.
      Mar 8, 2020
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