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1982 Sierra La Hez Checking out a possible contest QTH in the Rioja.

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1987 Campsite IN73

Near Oyambre Beach, IN73. On a campsite. 1993 Moxon Claw

The dreaded Moxon claw antenna. If you can make a beam antenna with this you're a better man than I am, Gunga Dinn!
It's easy to get it bidirectional though, hi hi. TOO EASY. 2002 09 09 05

Close up of bungees. Keep It Simple Stupid! KISS design. Hi hi. 2004 12 12 02

Only one antenna so far. Lynx DX Group Original 02
L to R : EA2OP, EA2??, EA1QF, EA1TH, EA2TV, EA2JG 1982 Sierra La Hez

Checking out a possible contest QTH in the Rioja. 1999 EOB op

Theoretically operating my XYL's station. Mine being located somewhere else according to the Powers That Be. 2002 09 09 06

Looks a bodge-up but the bungees are an integral part of the design that allows the mast to tilt for antenna fitting. 2005 05 21 01

Finishing touches. 1982 Piqueras Pass 01

Preparing to operate the 24 hour VHF contest at 1750m asl. 2000 Panda 40m

Had just worked VK on 40 metres with this! 2002 09 09 mast brake

The mast goes up the middle. The brake is a flywheel
tool for a motorbike. 2005 05 21 02

A lick of paint on the nuts and bolts. 1981 JBeam Quagi n XYL

Known as the "Parabeam". Made in England, very popular  in the 70's. XYL highly amused by whole affair. 2001 07 22 Tropo03

Typical amateur photographer shot with shadow included. 2002 Tonna 17

Home made tilting tower with a Tonna 17el.

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