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2003 05 18 05 432 and 1296 on sailboard mast, IN72WW.

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2005 08 12 Perseids VOR DGO 01
Aircraft reflection with doppler shift and a meteor trail as seen with the Spectran PC program while receiving a distant beacon. In this case an aviation VOR beacon about 150km away with a very weak normal signal at my qth. 1981 Hombrew 8el

A slightly more manageable antenna! 1500m asl. La Rioja. 2001 07 22 Tropo07

Bob's macabre "sense of humour" got the better of him. The
vultures had left the skull as a prop. 2003 05 18 02

Bottom of mast sits in hole in wheel-hub. 2005 10 17 4x12 02

Finished at last! 4 x 12 el all home brew. 1981 Felix EA1EH/P at about 1500meters asl
My extremely keen friend Padre Felix with his polythene tent and his QRP rigs running off a motorbike battery. A pioneer of
/p VHF & UHF in EA. He used the local buses to get to the foot of the hills in Soria P 2001 07 22 Tropo 04

The double plank (Heavy Oak) method. Hinges between planks. Drive into position after erecting antenna! Plank on ground is pegged down with steel spikes. 2003 05 18 05

432 and 1296 on sailboard mast, IN72WW. 2005 10 21 4x12 04

Adjustments from stepladder. 1978 EA1TH

A younger version of me, still smoking. Atlas 210X. Datong RF
Speech Compressor and homebrew balanced ATU into open wire feeder to a doublet. 2002 07 01

Working the Lizard Point in SW UK on 144MHz from Cantabria, North Spain. 2004 09 20 4 yagis 03

Beginning the assembly of the H frame. 2005 10 23 01

The shack as used for EME CW with 600w. 00 1965 RXs G3URY

My Hallicrafters receivers that started me in ham radio. 2002 07 04 tropo

A strong ducting effect on 432MHz towards Cataluña. The
"mirage" effect in the sky is a very good clue there might be tropo. No kidding! I've seen it many times while up in the hills! 2004 10 03 H frame 02

H frame completed.

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