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6uf 10,000 volt capacitor bank in nice home made bracket to mount in suburban for the 3cx3000a7 amplifier

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Lobster Knife Fight DaveMade 3 tube 3-500Z  Mobile Amp Interior DaveMade 4 tube 3-500Z  Base Amp Interior DaveMade 4 tube 3-500Z  Base Amp power supply Plate choke high voltage three phase rectifier bank for the 3cx3000a7 mobile amp, all mounted to a nice heatsink anode of 3cx3000a7 300 amp Linear One power supply 6uf 10,000 volt capacitor bank in nice home made bracket to mount in suburban for the 3cx3000a7 amplifier Simple antenna tuner aka ROD OF GOD schematic. Just add a capacitor at the input of the antenna. interceptor 10k base antenna at my base FATBOY 600 amp power supply. Thats real Peter Dahl iron right there Linearone suburban, got 5  alternators installed, 2 output 3 phase ac, the other 3 output dc MRF422 amplifier...... 10 or 11 Alternators ( I forget) installed on Suburban by 588NJ.
  1. ElectronTubesRule
    Ok, First I like the setup. So when I ask this I mean no offense. What is the point of a 3CX3000a7 unless you talk on it in a productive way?

    Oh and the "Key Down Suburban" is so stereotypical it is almost cliche.......So do you have a big block under the hood and 5+ Lexindyn or other brand generators under the hood?????

    So do you use it to talk to people around the world or anything.
  2. linearone
    "Productive way" is subjective. Define.

    "big block"?no, why would that be needed? You aren't familiar apparently

    "5+ lexidyn" what is a Lexidyn? I have heard of ELECTRODYNE. is this what u mean? The answer is no.

    I talk to my radio.
  3. ElectronTubesRule
    Yes, electrodyne was what I meant....LOL I was just wondering if you used all your amplification to actually carry on a two way conversation. Having all the power just to key over some other guy in a another Suburban is kind of like having an 600hp engine just to trailer it to shows and do tire burns with out the car actually moving or driving any place. So I was just wondering if you actually talk on it is all.
  4. High Voltage Mobile NJ
    High Voltage Mobile NJ
    Hey Linearone whatch out for them bandcampers , lol lol

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