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Radio Shack DX-402<br />
<br />
Sangean ATS-505P<br />
<br />
The Sangean ATS-505P shortwave...
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Samuel Peterson
Radio Shack DX-402

Sangean ATS-505P

The Sangean ATS-505P shortwave receiver.

The Sangean ATS-505P is an FM / MW / LW / SW PLL Synthesized portable receiver.


PLL Synthesized Digital Tuning.
Professional digital multi-band world receiver.
Backlit LCD Display.
FM 87.5-108
AM 517-1710
SW 1.711-29999 kHz (Continuous)
LW 153-279
Five tuning methods.
Direct frequency tuning.
Auto scan.
Manual scan.
Memory recall.
Rotary tuning.
45 Presets.
Auto Tuning System (ATS).
SSB (SW band only).
SW dual conversion.
Fine Tuning Control.
Memory scan.
Tone control.
Stereo Headphones.
Real & Dual Time.
2 alarm timers (radio and buzzer).
Adjustable Sleep Timer
In the album Radios

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