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AEA DSP-2232 TNC, Pride DX-300 amp

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W5YI 8 band EQ & EQ Plus.  Icom 2720H used as my home, personal crossband repeater. Icom 746 Pro, Heil GM-5 Ameritron AL-800H, Ameritron ATR-30 tuner for the ham bands, MFJ-904H matches the CBs to the Cushcraft R6000 100 amp supply, 14 amp supply AEA DSP-2232 TNC, Pride DX-300 amplifier Mirage C-22A 220mhz 20 watt amp...Kenwood TH-F6a goes into this to ta 220mhz J pole.  1500 watt dummy load in the back. Station Block Diagram Tech bench: small but effective.  Marconi 10khz - 520Mhz signal generator, Fluke PM6666 1.3GHz Frequency couter, Tektronix  2336 100Mhz O-scope, Bird 43P with ots of slugs, Fluke DMM, and Weller soldering station.  Yaesu 897D for monitoring purposes.  Thi Lionel 3-38 AEA DSP-2232 TNC, Pride DX-300 amp The whole station...it's not nearly as big of a mess as it looks. The file cabinets are filled with these well organized & labeled boxes of resistors, caps, diodes, transistors, etc. CB Stuff. Daiwa meter used for Ham bands
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  1. SmackDown
    Hi Moleculo..is that DSP a processor for altering or adding effects to your modulation ? Has anyone posted a "how to" on manipulating a microphone plug to allow for the addition of graphic equalizers or other digital/analog effects that work well with voice ??? Hmmmmmmmm...
  2. Moleculo
    That's a TNC for doing digital modes. It has a DSP in it.
  3. Se7en
    The PRIDE DX-300 was a CB Amplifier with a low drive requirement & not FCC approved so I was wondering what band or bands that you use it on? They were built by Handicapped folks in the late 70's.For a CB Amp they were unique with the single 4CX250B steel tube.Did you make modifications to the amp for amateur usage? Thanks.

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