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CB Radio Desk & Gear

This is a few pictures of my current CB Radio operating desk & gear. My Favorite radio is the DAK Mark X that is as close to being PERFECT as I've ever seen.I have wanted a Mark X since I 1st saw one back in 1978 or 79 & I finally found one with ZERO mods,no extra holes drilled in it,no extra channe
Brett I just sold the President Washington,Lafayette SSB-140,& Realistic Navaho TRC-490 so I'd have room for the Gemtronics GTX-5000,ROBYN T-123B,Teaberry Model T in both 23 & 40 channel versions.Getting more int the Tube base radio again.Thanks for the comment.
Yeah, they had several variations. That Kachina looks pretty cool. I had never seen one before.

Less than 100 Kachina 1's made overall & even fewer before they were purchased by Palomar Electronics.As I said in the text I have NEVER seen another with a Complete Set which is the radio,hand microphone,matching power supply,power cord,mobile mounting bracket,owners manual,service manual,& all of the original boxes with packing materials.It just may be a "ONE OF A KIND" Combination & it belongs to me & everything works 100% as designed. {:>)
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