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My SILTRONIX 1011D with the FD-1011A Digital Display

This is just another of my many Man Toys.Yes it does both 10 & 11 meters at around 130 watts PEP.I did the 28.500 re-calibration so that I can now use it from 28.300 thru most of the 10 meter phone band.I paid $25 for the radio & $75 for the digital display & I already had the Non-Amplified D-104.It
Sonar I have it For Sale but I only have people who want it shipped & nobody wants too pay the shipping like I'm suppose too eat it? Not happening even if I just put it in a closet in the house or box it up & put it in my shed.
I've never shipped anthying I have sold as I've never sold anything. But I have shipped many item for repair/restoration. I used UPS/brown. They offer 2 day ground. It's$25. And insurance is cheap. About $4 for $800 or $1000. I don't know what fourm you're using to sell it but if it's eBay I could understand your concern. I'm selling a Sonar 2340. I will only offer it right here on wwdX. I don't trust selling on eBay. To many scammers. Good luck. 73's
I stopped selling on eBay a long time ago.I have the rig listed on several Amateur Radio pages on FB & Craigslist as well.I don't trust UPS with a steel ball wrapped in a whole roll of bubble wrap.I have had far more success from FedEx & USPS by far.If all else fails it will be headed to Orlando Hamcation next month where it will go home with someone else.I don't have a need for it any longer or any room either. 73 & God bless.
I understand your fear of shipping. I pack items very well add insurance and cross my fingers. I only ship to my technician. I am disabled and unfortunately cannot work on my own equipment. Good luck my friend.
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