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    Cophase antenna coax.

    When I was running 2 hot MR Coily Enforcer Comps on a 2001 Dodge Caravan I was RG 11 Coax the setup was really good. I got rid of the mini van like 8 years ago.
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    Farthest 11 meter DX contact and equipment used?

    Houston Tx to Australia with a stock radio and a Imax tip of 50ft ch 40 USB
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    2000GTL radios for sale on ebay

    I remember when 2000s with only a peak and tune use to sell for $350 to $375 with a good microphone a few years ago. Now the same radio sells for $550 to $625 (n)
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    This is exactly the same as stereo receivers that are priced 2 to 4 times more that they are worth like This one max $150 https://www.ebay.com/itm/124807871489?hash=item1d0f20fc01:g:UtgAAOSww01g68aW This one $375 to$ 425...
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    Delta 2000

    Looks like a A99 Imax copy
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    If you could create a cool new CB product what would it be?

    New version of the Cobra 2000 GTL with a way better frequency counter, it would also be easy to mod for 30w am and 42w to 45w ssb, clarifier would be unlocked and the nb switch would be upgraded. It would also be easy to add a Lesscom board. It would all be for like $275 to $300 not like $450+...
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    Nasty static showing up all over town...anyone else?

    Here is more info http://www.arrl.org/grow-light-rfi Its sounds like a mid level buzzing sound I heard one once for about 15 seconds
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    Nasty static showing up all over town...anyone else?

    Also if you within 200ft of a weed grown house you can get nasty static to
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    Crazy mobile antenna!

    Anybody remember Skyhawk from Dickinson TX he use to have a 90s white truck with a big giant chrome W looking antenna on the truck. This is the only time I have seen that antenna. Someone might know which antenna I am talking about
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    Sparky's CB Shack

    What is the one that was like 30 miles outside Chicago the guy got in trouble for giving a whole radio setup to a guy in Maine for free.
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    Antenna pucks? What are and what are their use?

    MR Coily sells puck http://mrcoilycom1.ipower.com/id21.htm
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    Push up masts

    https://www.cableandwireshop.com/50-foot-telescopic-push-up-antenna-mast-ez-tm-50.html Look on Facebook Marketplace you can get 40ft to 80ft tower for $200 to $800
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    Best type of coax?

    LMR 400 works just fine for CB Radio it is a little pricey though
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    Crank/Tilt antenna towers?

    Here is a 50' push up mast $152 with the support wires and shipping under $700. If you plan to run a beam this push up mast is out a Sirio Tornado or a DX Engineering Super Penetrator would work just fine. https://www.cableandwireshop.com/50-foot-telescopic-push-up-antenna-mast-ez-tm-50.html