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  • Hey folks, this is not a good place to ask a question. Use the forum's "start a conversation" feature. That way I'll get notified
    Hi There! My friend just received an old Realistic TRC 55 base CB radio.,
    What is the function of the PA Gain knob?

    Thank you,
    Recon 881
    How’s it going,
    I hope you’re doing ok.
    I can’t get my mark 3 to have a long scream.
    All mine has is a short ping.
    I replaced the capacitor C66 no change.
    Can you tell me why my mark 3 Carrier is dropping when the radio gets warmer.
    It’s fine at first, but the longer it’s on the
    carrier drops.
    I have a d&a maverick that I'm wanting to replace some parts to. I want to replace the caps and some caps and ceramic disk caps. A couple look bubbled up. Evidently going to replace all the tubes. I read your post about how you replace the caps. Do you sell them? Thanks David
    GM nomad my paypal info is jvillafane@aol.com this is for the cobra 2000 gtl 5 pin mike jack board with wires and location of wires thanks
    I did the best I could by looking at one wired differently in an effort to get the other working...omg what a mess. I know one thing, you get in the wrong place, it will knock your ass on the floor Thanks for reading and stay safe. 386-916-2828
    Hello Mr Nomad.
    I am interested in purchasing your circuit for increasing the drive on a Siltronix model 90 for a Browning. Please advise if these are still available and how to proceed with purchase. Thanks and 73s.
    Hey nomad,I'm in need of work on a 2xgs35 box.had a.c. hum in background of audio.ive been up there a few year back.i know Redman.and john.can yo uhh work me in or hook me up with a trusted tech.im around cordon.73
    Hello nomad, Loose cannon told me you would be a great help with my skipper. I see now its a very common question, and wow you look busy, I feel I should bless you for what your doing on the site. I have the schematic for this but would love a wiring diagram. I was thinking of wiring and capping. Cant find P/N for relays. TY.MM
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