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  1. r carl

    was watching twilight zone last night

    I liked the British bikes but didn't like the vibration or the Lucas electric systems.
  2. r carl

    was watching twilight zone last night

    I think the spitfire was made by BSA
  3. r carl

    was watching twilight zone last night

    I remembered wrong, they are Harley panheads. :) Triumph, Norton, and BSA were popular back then.
  4. r carl

    was watching twilight zone last night

    I remember that show, they had English motorcycles.
  5. r carl

    Anyone headed to Sturgis this year?

    If all the pricks that's been in her were sticking out of her she would look like a porcupine.
  6. r carl

    Does anyone remember "Duck and Cover"?

    What I remember more was all the blasting cap warnings on tv.
  7. r carl

    11 meter is very quiet?

    Anybody hearing the Canadian trucker convoy?
  8. r carl

    Stryker 955 Redesign.

    Maybe he will know all the secret codes...
  9. r carl

    261 new vacuum tubes

  10. r carl

    AstroPlane damage

    I can't believe my 48 yr old penetrator was not effected, we are 40 mi apart.
  11. r carl

    Base Gainmaster stronger than you you think

    The high winds yesterday didn't affect my penetrator.
  12. r carl

    when you need to shoot from home to another area code

    I just blanked them.. :D
  13. r carl

    From the desk of Jack Steel (CB radio newsletters from the 80's)

    Better hurry! https://www.ebay.com/itm/163952330383?hash=item262c52068f:g:BLQAAOSwIh5d1Kfw
  14. r carl

    Farthest 11 meter DX contact and equipment used?

    Nebraska to Guam 38LSB Washington KL203 Penetrator