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  • i have a hr 2600 would like to have 11 meter put in to my radio also have a hr2510 with a good chip
    James i can do the chip swap for you, if you want. I also have chipswitches and a couple 2510 chips as well, if you dont want to canabalize your 2510.
    Send me an email: rogerbird1@aim.com .

    First, make sure the Micro is installed correctly and completely. It also could be a bad connection on one of the socket pins. The Micro board is a 4 layer board and some pins need to connect on top and bottom of the board. and some have connections inside on the different layers.

    Next make sure all the connectors are correct. The display connector goes to J304 on the Micro board, the switch board uses the same cionnector and same number of pins but goes to J305.

    next measure the voltages on d316, diode next to the 5v regulator. if its less than 4.5v you will not get a display, try jumping it and see if the display starts to work.
    If so it is a load from the micro pulling it down and the micro will need to be replaced.

    If you have any questions Email me: Rogerbird1 @ aim.com
    hello rogerbird,
    i have a hr-2600 with no display. it lights up but no frequency display or meter. i have had it apart checked all connections and they are making contact. it looks as if the main chip has been repalced, maybe a chipswitch, it has uniden uc-1201 on it. i think that is the chip for a 2510. i had fixed a 2510 before with the display problem, but its been a while.
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