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  • I found the problem with the grant some time ago. Someone had removed the roger beep oscillator transistor when attempting to remove the amc control. I replaced the transistor and it worked fine. Thanks
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    Last week I picked up a nice President Grant DX ( Dual Final Export )

    Everything works as it should, and the original owner had modified some of the front switches for different features such as a 10kc switch, high/low power. NB/ANL & Roger beep switches are untouched.

    This evening I finally got around to giving the radio a good alignment and it really came to life. The only thing I've found is that the roger beep is not producing a tone.

    If the roger beep is turned on, it will hold the radio in TX for a short time after the mic is unkeyed. Listening to it on a monitor radio verifies that the transmit is staying engaged, but no tone is being produced.

    The schematic I've found is good, but doesn't really have too much labeled on it.

    I was wondering if anyone had experience with this radio and could help me figure out why I'm not getting a tone.

    Board is model PC-999AC
    Radio is: President Grant
    (I do not know much English, I go through google translation)

    Hello, I have exactly the same problem on my president jackson

    I just know that the capacitor roger beep tone is: C147

    but I do not know if it is worn or not.

    your President Grant is 6 pin or 4?

    me 4 but change for +12 v on pin 3,

    I think in the past there have been a little short between
    pin 3 (+12 V) and 4 (-12V) is because of that the roger beep grill ..?

    you find the problem? thank you
    i would like to buy this radio from you. could you email me at steveb98584@yahoo.com
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