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    added firebird f500 to the shack

    why hasnt this thread been moved into the cb discussion forum?
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    Texas Star 1200 DX Hotplate

    please move this thread to the cb discussion forum
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    Elkin 8 tube mobile

    just got off phone with elkin Said they can make a remote for approx $50.. nice guy actually.
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    Elkin 8 tube mobile

    All,Thanks for the responses. Here are pics.
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    typically I use the forumla: sec volts ac x .98 x 1.414 19x.98x1.414=26.328vdc
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    Instead of using chokes on the secondary of the filament transformer where they have to handle 100+ amps just choke the primary. this is assuming it has a separate cathode and its not part of the filament.Much easier to choke 5.5 amps at 110v than the other way around
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    Elkin 8 tube mobile

    I am being given a (supposed) working 8 tube Elkin mobile amplifier. It is complete except for the remote that controls its functions. It has a 8 pin plug. Any body have any documentation or Information about its operation, wiring, anything? Any fond memories? Stories? Any help would be...
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    Rack Mount Face mobile radio chassis

    I seem to recall some time ago on ebay a seller with rack mount faces that had rectangular holes cut in them to fit common cb radios or maybe it was just some standard chassis or something. Really thought they were to mount mobile radios in racks.. I cant seem to locate them, Any help is...
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    chance to get a great deal on a damaged drake... so what do all think?

    I agree. Some people still poop in outhouses and cook with coal.
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    chance to get a great deal on a damaged drake... so what do all think?

    OK, let me rephrase my post... It is a possible 40+ year old amp that is broken....... How does it have value again? If it is just a simple set of diodes, AWESOME! you will be on air in no time for no money. Then, a few months down the road... *sniff* Whats that oily tar burning smell...
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    chance to get a great deal on a damaged drake... so what do all think?

    I guess its all about perception/marketing. Here's what I read. "Hey bro, I got a nice amp, only driven on sundays, I wants to be sellin it. Great amp, just don't work." "I THINK all it be needin is recticators because a critter done ate all da insides up but I dunno cause I aint no tech...
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    Eimac 4CX

    hey if you could operate in 5 sec pulses how about 20 million watts? http://accelconf.web.cern.ch/accelconf/p79/PDF/PAC1979_4069.PDF
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    1/2" shaft knobs

    yucky. Id rater take a piece of 3/4" aluminum rod, bore a 1/2" hole on one end and either turn down the other end to 1/4" or at least bore a 1/4" hole in the other and use a couple setscrews with some rod. I usually dont even bother. I buy a shaft coupler and drill one side out larger then...
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    1/2" shaft knobs

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    1/2" shaft knobs

    The best 1/2" shaft knobs are the BIG knobs that come on big variacs. They are large like 3" plus I think which is nice and have 1/2" shafts. Problem is getting them. When I find them at surplus places I see them for like $50 each..
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    6m Larcan Conversion

    at 50 mhz any strange multiple of wavelengths will be avoided with such a short connection. If we were any higher I'd be worried. besides you could just use a bit of coax as suggested here. I think he will be fine.
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    6m Larcan Conversion

    Why? at legal limit there is 5.4 amps @ 273 vac. A 5 amp relay at 250 volts would be fine. that relay looks to be 10 amp.
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    gs35b tube

    I used pure silicone sheet from ebay or McMaster Caar maybe a 1/16" thick wrapped around a few times and secured with a hose clamp. if its good enough for alpha...
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    Bias design, amplifier design, filtering etc.

    NM, delete this post
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    Advantages to using vacuum tubes?

    they arent louder. they are heavier.