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  1. kg6hqd

    July / August Catalina Boating Trip

    The date is set - August 28th to the 29th! More to follow....
  2. kg6hqd

    July / August Catalina Boating Trip

    LSF & PHX will ride in this on the way.... http://www.shipstore.com/SS/HTML/SPO/SPO531931.html
  3. kg6hqd

    For the lady's during camping

    Also check out shepee..female divers must wax then apply ... http://www.she-p.com
  4. kg6hqd

    July / August Catalina Boating Trip

    Potential boats available: Henry's - K9KAO Les' - AG6KS Rich's - KK6SJJ Simon - K6DXN Jon - KF6PHX Jerry - KG6HQD Each boat owner will determine their expense/fee as necessary since all boats have different operating expenses. Here is another link with info on boat in camping...
  5. kg6hqd

    July / August Catalina Boating Trip

    for your review... http://www.visitcatalinaisland.com/camping-boating/two-harbors-boating/boat-in-camping
  6. kg6hqd

    July / August Catalina Boating Trip

  7. kg6hqd

    Thanks Prop 47

    and that should be repeal not repleal...stupid fat fingers this morning....
  8. kg6hqd

    Thanks Prop 47

    http://www.latimes.com/local/crime/la-me-0226-prop47-report-20150226-story.html http://www.latimes.com/local/politics/la-me-cap-proposition47-20150226-column.html
  9. kg6hqd

    Henry Style Ride

    Henry traded in his truck for a scooter...
  10. kg6hqd

    Fish & Wildlife Strikes Again

  11. kg6hqd

    Engine Swap (Jeep)

    Jeff, All points are spot on in my opinion! I believe the 6 cly platform is a very capable amount of power when geared properly. The V8 option on the LS1 is very true and I noticed you put the links for advanced adapters. Great price on the engine and tranny and the 4.3 was one of my choices...
  12. kg6hqd

    Bullets For Thought...

    we use the fmj for range days and as of right now issue the winchester ranger ammo for duty..we did issue the federal hydrashock for duty a couple of years ago or so, but have opted to switch to the winchester in it's place
  13. kg6hqd

    The Next Time You Want To Cozy Up To A Donkey...

    Sick people deserve what they get...
  14. kg6hqd

    Migtard Video

    Since everybody is looking for it...
  15. kg6hqd

    Pc 422 - Criminal Threats

    Here is how it reads since it's come up lately... PENAL CODE - PEN PART 1. OF CRIMES AND PUNISHMENTS [25 - 680] ( Part 1 enacted 1872. ) TITLE 11.5. CRIMINAL THREATS [422 - 422.4] ( Heading of Title 11.5 amended by Stats. 2000, Ch. 1001, Sec. 4. ) 422. (a) Any person who willfully threatens...
  16. kg6hqd

    SCRAP Lunch - August 10th

    new location being pitched due to issues with getting into Roscoe's on Sunday... http://chinohillspizzaco.net if you are good with it please post here so we can make the reservation...
  17. kg6hqd

    Welcome To The New Worldwidedx Radio Forum!

    BTW, new format looks sweet...after a few minutes I'll get acclimated but I like the look!
  18. kg6hqd

    Welcome To The New Worldwidedx Radio Forum!

    I tried to enter but got an error..can you confirm it accepted my entry?
  19. kg6hqd

    Welcome To The New Worldwidedx Radio Forum!

    Sign me up for the Drawing: Yes, I want to enter!