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  1. HomerBB

    Just QRP fun.

    Again, today, 4/21/22, another great QRP contact on 15m - 21.300 mhz. PV8AL, Hello, in Brazil using 5 watts. My conditions were the uBitx v 6.1 and Imax 2000 @ 37' to the coax connector. Total distance from me, 3,313 miles. Yesterday, 4/20/22, Just for the fun of it, I had a Cleveland Ohio...
  2. HomerBB

    Home Building a Homebrew Manual Tuner

    I have finally began putting together my manual tuner. I rolled those two inductors about 3 years ago. I got busy, and sidetracked. Now, I've just mounted them on the board. I know, primitive, but what else do I do... What I will likely need is some of you who've made your own to offer tips...
  3. HomerBB


    I got a little bitty nanovna a while back and didn't like it. I fussed about it and gave it away to someone who uses it. Now, I'm trying again with a newer version 4" screen model. I may need help...
  4. HomerBB

    Home Vertical fan dipole.

    Needed a 220Mhz antenna. So I added it to my 2m/70cm fan dipole. Now it is a 144/220/440 vertical fan dipole. Working okay. Yes, it isn't a 17' tall high gain vertical. It does get me into local repeaters and local rag chews. I also bought the tri-band Btech UV25×4 mobile to use as the base...
  5. HomerBB

    AT-778UV Mixed Emotions

    A fellow once said he had mixed emotions. His mother in law had driven his new pickup truck over a cliff... There isn't anything about this radio for the money I didn't like, until... I put a Tram 1481 antenna up (it was a gift) increasing my tx/rx range over the smaller verticals I'd been...
  6. HomerBB

    Getting my 6m antennas done. Moxon 1st.

    Three years ago I tossed together a quick and dirty 6m Moxon. It worked well, but was really rough in some ways. This was one of my "walker" specials. This same antenna was/is 100% the metal parts of aluminum crutches and a walker. I went back over it refining the look, and the dimensions. While...
  7. HomerBB

    Thank You, Everyone

    To all of you who asked about both my wife and my health as we battled through Covid 19 back to health, Thank you. Many of you sent best wishes, while some openly committed to prayer and others kept their prayers close to their hearts. My wife came home yesterday afternoon. To help you...
  8. HomerBB

    What is causing this?

    In the area there are at least 3 stations hearing this interference regularly. 2 of us are 3 miles from each other, and the 3rd station is 8 miles from me, 9 miles from the station 3 miles from me. My radio hearing this is the Anytone 778. The next nearest station is a Kenwood. The most...
  9. HomerBB

    Terminated endfed inverted Vee

  10. HomerBB

    The Truth, ... ,and Nothing But The Truth (as I've experienced it)

    I have tried numerous EFHW 49:1 antennas, and no matter how good they look with a resistor load I have never had one successfully load with a wire across multiple bands with >2:1 SWR on all the bands. I've always had to use a tuner somewhere. In fact, running a ~66' wire in the inverted V...
  11. HomerBB

    What do These Fit?

    Wanting to get an answer about what these go on for my wife's friend. I'm in the crosshairs here. I'm supposed to be "all knowing". Yep, some kind of collector. Yep, some kinda manifold. Nope, I don't know exactly what they go on. Do you?
  12. HomerBB

    Butternut HF5B Free

    I have an HF5B like in the photo free to first come first serve. NW Arkansas. Pick up only.
  13. HomerBB

    Working on a Multiband Portable Antenna

    Here is something I've been working on in spare time for a few days. It's not complete as I want to refine it and do more testing. I gave it a test run for a while this afternoon and managed 3 contacts, 2 on 20m, 1 on 40m today. My QTH is NW Arkansas. I was running my uBitx 5.1 at 3 watts out...
  14. HomerBB

    It's Hard to Get Good Help

    I guess anyone will do...This isn't staged. I personally took the photo while visiting a nearby town.
  15. HomerBB

    Slinky Doublet

    With so much talk about HOA/wife antenna restrictions I decided months ago to experiment again with an attic antenna. I didn't, until now. Because of the weather lately with my feedline buried in snow drifts my main end fed multiband HF wire antenna had become unreliable. I don’t do outdoor...
  16. HomerBB

    You Never Know

    Here's my off the wall experience today. On 20m there's a fellow in Puerto Rico running a QSO party that consists of making contact, stating your name, location, and the current temperature at your location. Fun, I thought, so I try to bust the pileup with my Icom on my inverted L wire antenna...
  17. HomerBB

    AT-6666 MOBILE

    My wife is gifting me with a new AT-6666 for Christmas. I will get it in Saturday. I know there are numerous owners of this radio on the forum. I intend to use mine for both 10 and 11 meter mobile operation. Those of you who do this may have found an antenna system that keeps them operational...
  18. HomerBB

    Mounted my 980

    Found the perfect mounting place for it.
  19. HomerBB

    ICOM 746 problem/question

    I had been using my IC-746 on 146.520 earlier and returned to the shack to switch it to 40m. I did, but there was too much white noise and Spanish music bleeding into the band. I decided to check 80m, too, and pressed the button for the band. The radio began suddenly to start clicking rapidly...
  20. HomerBB

    Poor People Have Poor Ways

    Annoyed with the need to conserve funds. Because my MFJ-259B was once again in need of going to the shop, and because the last experience was a 2 month+ wait for it to be done and returned to me, as well as a combined shipping cost and work done totaling in excess of $100, I opted to give...