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    What kind of radio is this, so I don't buy one?
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    PM sent
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    I've bought radios from DTB in the past, he seems to know what he's doing.
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    RCI 2970N2 Mounting screw thread size?

    Like the title says, what size thread for the 4 mounting screws on a 2970N2? Black screen, green numbers. 5mm or 6mm? Bracket for a 148 will work right? Thanks
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    Any Thoughts on the 757 amps?

    With enough swamping resistors on the input, you could drive a 1 pill with 5KW. You just burn off the excess power as heat and give the transistors what they're looking for. Waste of energy, especially in a mobile setup where you're limited by your alternator. No point in running a driver to...
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    Passive or Powered Monitor Speakers?

    If you're considering powered speakers, look at the West Mountain Radio ClearSpeech DSP speaker. Adds AF DSP to any radio. Pricey, but good stuff.
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    Any Thoughts on the 757 amps?

    850 out of 4 2879s is going to be mostly garbage coming out, I can't imagine 1kw. 500W out of 4 2879s at 13.8V is a good honest number. Much more than that and you're spewing trash.
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    WTB: Uniden PRO510XL/520XL/Cobra 19 or other cheap radio & mag mount

    Appreciate you guys, I'll buy some combination of radio and antenna on Walmart. I'll have to check them out for more stuff, didn't realize they carry all kinds of stuff on their website!
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    WTB: Uniden PRO510XL/520XL/Cobra 19 or other cheap radio & mag mount

    Appreciate the heads up there, that is an excellent price for exactly what I'm looking for. Now just needs to come back in stock, haha.
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    WTB: Uniden PRO510XL/520XL/Cobra 19 or other cheap radio & mag mount

    Recon, I appreciate the offer, and that's a great deal if I needed two compact sized radios, however I only need one, haha. The deal on Walmart.com isn't bad, they don't have it in stock at my local store, but they do have free shipping... Hrm
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    WTB: Uniden PRO510XL/520XL/Cobra 19 or other cheap radio & mag mount

    Looking for some inexpensive equipment to set up for a friend I go off roading with. I think the 510, 520, or Cobra 19 would be great for compact size, but if the price is right, anything goes. Ideally comes with a mic, doesn't have to be the original. Also looking for a compact mag mount...
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    WMR Rigrunner 4008

    Excellent seller, shipping was fast, and I mean fast. Had a tracking number in my hand within minutes. Product showed up exactly as expected. Would definitely buy again from Cabover Bob!
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    WMR Rigrunner 4008

    PM sent
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    The Elecraft KPA1500: A Top of the Line HF Amplifier

    Just went to go look at the price since you said it was expensive... Damn near fell out of my chair! $6700, well it better be a damn good unit haha
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    Thought I'd seen it all.......

    When I buy a new car, I'm going to capture all the air from the original tires and hold onto it for 40 years and sell it as vintage, original air, for the finishing touches on a numbers matching restoration
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    Radios and equipment for sale

    PM me what you're looking to get for that 2950DX.
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    Ameritron question on unit I purchased

    W8JI, the designer of these amplifiers, says adjustment of the tuning slugs is unlikely to be necessary, and to avoid messing with them. Your radio probably doesn't make enough power in unmodulated AM (~25W) to tune an AL80B to full power. Tune in CW or FM, start at a relatively low power then...
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    FS: EC 2018 Xtreme Echo

    Another excellent transaction with Brad. Thanks again!
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    Cobra 29LTD chrome T1 question

    I hardly call myself a tech, but I do know you're definitely not supposed to be connecting radios to scope inputs...
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    WTB Galaxy 86 V

    Just curious, have you ever actually bought anything from a member of this forum?