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  1. Moleculo

    my usual yearly firearm gift to me from me

    9" barrel is a big one! Those are good buys, especially for the price.
  2. Moleculo

    Help a Newb Pick a SW Base Station Radio Antenna

    @sp5it , As it happens, I just bought one of these to fool around with. What is "properly installed"? I have read the documentation and some info around on the internet, but I'm interested in your insight.
  3. Moleculo

    My Elecraft K3 is a brick

    The issue with servicing the Elecraft K3 has more to do with the availability of parts than anything else. Elecraft has a long history of servicing practically everything they have ever sold, but they've also been very transparent on the email lists and forums that they can't get some of the...
  4. Moleculo

    Home Elecraft K4D First Impressions

    PC Interfaces & Digital Modes The K4 has a dedicated USB port for a PC interface, which you use for both sound card and USB/Serial interfaces. This works as expected, but you do need to configure the input/output levels on the rig using the appropriate menus There is also a standard RS232...
  5. Moleculo

    Home Elecraft K4D First Impressions

    Over the weeekend I installed the just-released r29 update, which included many new features (and fixes) including CESSB compression. All I can say about is WOW! Elecraft says that they see as much as 8db average gain with this new compression algorithm which is also very clean. As a test...
  6. Moleculo

    worldwidedx Amateur Radio Callsign Search Engine, recently, not accessible ...

    At this point in time there isn't a plan to bring it back unless the community here as a whole would like to see it. The tracking stats showed that it never did get a lot of usage, so when the google API was deprecated and caused the maps to break, it didn't seem worth recoding.
  7. Moleculo

    Home Elecraft K4D First Impressions

    External Display The K4 supports an external display via HDMI output. You can configure the external display to just mirror the main display, or use it to display only the panadapter(s). This past weekend, the external 15.6" display and mount I ordered came in, so I hooked it all up. If...
  8. Moleculo

    FT-900 Negative Swing on AM ??

    Necrothread. But I figured out why this happens with ham rigs in the years that have passed. If the radio wasn't golden screwdriver'd , then the problem is usually caused by a microphone / audio chain input that has the phase 180 degrees in reverse of what it should be. There are a number of...
  9. Elecraft K4D external display win4k4suite

    Elecraft K4D external display win4k4suite

  10. Moleculo

    Home Elecraft K4D First Impressions

    I've had the Elecraft K4D for a week so it's time to report on first impressions. First, the display and user interface is stunning. The interaction with the rig is a very thoughtful blend of touch screen and traditional buttons and knobs. The HDMI interface allows you to run an external...
  11. k4 mini pan.png

    k4 mini pan.png

  12. Elecraft K4D

    Elecraft K4D

  13. Elecraft K4 with external display.jpg

    Elecraft K4 with external display.jpg

  14. Moleculo

    Hello fellow hams./Technician

    Check tube depot: https://tubedepot.com/t/tubes/power-tubes/6l6-5881-kt66-7027
  15. Moleculo

    Home Elecraft K4D In the Shack

    It really is. I'm going to do some more video soon. It's even more stunning on an external LCD
  16. Moleculo

    Radioddity GD-77 Codeplug Needed

    There are a few locals here with that Radio. I'll see if I can get a codeplug you can use as an example.
  17. Moleculo

    Home Elecraft K4D In the Shack

    After a year wait, I received the Elecraft K4D and installed it in the shack. I have a lot of work to do to get everything configured, but I got the initial install done and made my first contact on 40 meters last night. Check it out:
  18. Moleculo

    End Fed Issue

    We need a lot more info on what type of antenna this is. So many possibilities....
  19. Moleculo

    This May Solve Your Noise Problems - QRM Eliminator

    It's basically the same thing as the MFJ-1026 "Deluxe Noice Cancelling Signal Enhancer" which I have used for years. The ability to remove unwanted interference will depend greatly on the RX antenna you use. If you are using two similar antennas with some separation, you can also "steer" your...
  20. Moleculo

    HamPi - Thumbs Down!

    Here's the link: https://boinc.berkeley.edu/download.php By itself, I don't have a problem with someone installing this, to knowingly and voluntarily donate idle CPU time to research. But what W3DJS is doing is the equivalent of installing Malware and the unsuspecting ham that doesn't...