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  1. secret squirrel

    Whatever Happened To . . . .?

    I'm still around. Honestly, I am going through the divorce from Hell, married 20 years. We could make the movie, "Hellraiser, Pinhead's Divorce- the Origin Story." I am trying my best not to be Norm from Cheers. I've got a few projects in the works. My home base antenna took a Tornado...
  2. secret squirrel

    The Batman 2022

    Finally, got to see the Batman movie that just came out this year. I remember reading the Batman Year One and the previews said the movie was to be written in the Year One style. I expected the dark overtones. I used to collect comic books.A comic book store, Second City Comics openedwhen I was...
  3. secret squirrel


    Thanks you all for your efforts to save this history
  4. secret squirrel

    Do Tubes have a different sound than transistors?

    Just like you can get all the digital sound processing you want, but RIP- Meat Loaf the Rock of the Universe- still sounds best on the original 8-track. Every time I hear Bat Out of Hell, today I still swear it sounded better in my 1978 Nova with the Sears AM/FM 8-track and Jensen Tri-Axial...
  5. secret squirrel

    Lost or Found?

    My friend is probably still celebrating that Mando showed up in the Book of Boba Fett, on Disney+. The last line after agreeing to help Boba Fett was, "First, I have to go see a friend." So, thus one can conclude perhaps he is going to see baby Yoda, and thus we may have another sighting of Luke...
  6. secret squirrel

    sears roadtalker 934-38260702 channel mod

    You got to appreciate the Road Talker. I used to have a slant face AM only model. She could walk the walk and talk the talk. The slant face was on the list of radios and antennas that I gave to a friend, because he wanted a CB. Its a rather long regretful list, second list only to rifles and...
  7. secret squirrel

    Bad Temper

    No problem at all. Thank you for a thoughtful apology. I am aware that not everyone appreciates my sense of humor. I am sure I have unintentionally offended other here while I was just being myself.
  8. secret squirrel

    Motorola Saber question

    Need 155.295 PL 110.9 VHF Hi-Band is out main dispatch frequency for work. until 2013 I carried my own HT600, At times for awhile I had and HT90, the brick. I keep a still have an HT 200 that I use at a monitor at home sometimes. All the new portables out there now seem to Fisher Price like...
  9. secret squirrel

    Motorola Saber question

    I know this is probably a dream. Is there anyone who can narrow band capable a Motorola Saber. Sabers went the way of dinosaurs, and cars from Detroit in 2013. I was always told they are not narrow band capable. I would love, be able to use a Saber at work again. There were always my...
  10. secret squirrel

    If you were a pirate broadcaster, what's playing right now?

    https://youtu.be/MBUfNxfc2w4 Tried it out...
  11. secret squirrel

    Which Laptop ...

    We have HPs and Dells at work. They are business class. I seem to have less issues with my Dell Latitude than the people at work using the HPs.
  12. secret squirrel

    Whatever Happened To . . . .?

    Whatever happened to pool halls?
  13. secret squirrel

    Line conditioner or surge protection strip

    with that much power go with the line conditioner, or whole house surge protection on your breaker box. I have looked at that in the past. I believe that your thinking is correct to have the protection and be safer.
  14. secret squirrel

    Line conditioner or surge protection strip

    For using in your station good surge protectors will work well. I had used surge protector, UPS with sine wave regulation on computer server equipment in the past. The 1200w line conditioner is a bit much, but if you are building your dream setup then pull the trigger on it if you want it.
  15. secret squirrel

    It's coming along.....

    Nice nice job. Add the old Frigidaire with the hole in the door for the beer tap and you will never need to leave.
  16. secret squirrel

    New Cobra 19 mini (anytone)

    This may be better than the Korean radio era for the Cobra 19?
  17. secret squirrel

    CBTRICKS.COM History

    Thanks for the history everyone. We used to have a very affordable local hosting ISP nearby in St. Clairsville, OH. Then they too sold everything to a cloud service.