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    texas star 500 dx path of power in amp.

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    texas star 500 dx path of power in amp.

    Let me ponder on that. I'm not very good on doing this stuff on the computer. I'll help if I can.
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    texas star 500 dx path of power in amp.

    RF could be getting there to the board, but nothing would be happening if there is not any voltage getting to the transistors. If I had that amplifier on my bench, first thing I would check for is DC voltage on the outboard end of the output transformer. If voltage is indicated, it should also...
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    texas star 500 dx path of power in amp.

    Please clarify for me. You are saying no power to rear board. Are you saying no voltage power to rear board ? OR, Are you saying no RF power to rear board ? A couple of good photos would be helpful.
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    10 meter is very quiet?

    Made several good contacts on 10 meter today. At one time, we had a group from California, across the United states, and out to Puerto Rico.
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    Stryker 955

    They make pretty good mobil 10 meter radios too.
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    Antenna Experts Needed: Common mode filter issue

    The 1:1 RF choke should be placed as close as possible (within 1'-8') of the antenna coax feed point. You want to keep all the RF up at the antenna and none coming back down the shield of the coax. All my antennas are set up this way. Vertical, horizontal yagi, OCF dipole antenna. I have no RF...
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    NI4L OCF 7 Band Dipole Antenna

    Went with a new NI4L OCF 7 Band Dipole Antenna this past weekend. Had to do some tree trimming because I wanted the antenna to be completely in the clear. And It is now removed from any close proximity to any metal objects and the very large metal roof on the house.
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    Clean Texas Star Sweet 16 for sale.

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    Clean Texas Star Sweet 16 for sale.

    Very clean, original Texas Star Sweet Sixteen....... All original Toshiba 2SC2879 transistors. I received the amplifier and set it aside for a couple of days. Before I ever connected it to power, I disassembled the amplifier by removing all the boards, power wires, and chassis from the heat...
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    Rci 2995 dxcf hardware upgrades questions

    I also have a 2995 DXCF that I have had for about 5 ~ 6 years. The radio as it comes with a proper alignment tuneup is the best. The ERF2030's are not an upgrade in my opinion. I have used those mofet's in a few radios, and I DO NOT LIKE them....... The IRF 520's that come in the 2995's (if that...
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    Galaxy DX 98VHP

    No, he still has it. After I was able to unlock the fine clarifier control, ( thanks to info from this forum Handy Andy), and get it to track work with the coarse clarifier, I also did a full alignment and transmit power readjustment. The "dealer" turned all the power pots wide open. I adjusted...
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    Clean Texas Star Sweet 16 for sale.

    Shockwave, I have to hand it to ya, you do know how to pack 'em. Would've taken a bulldozer to damage the Sweet Sixteen. Thanks. This Sweet Sixteen is in pristine factory condition. Very clean. It has not had a soldering iron inside of it since it was born. Definitely an old one. All 8 original...
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    LP100A Thoughts on this.

    Sometimes over the top, or below the bottom........ But always makes sense.
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    Clean Texas Star Sweet 16 for sale.

    Done deal. All is good.
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    Clean Texas Star Sweet 16 for sale.

    Shockwave, I've been tied up with a couple of things. Sorry for not getting back to you before now. Yes, I am still interested.
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    Alpha Delta DX-LB-Plus Multiband Dipole

    Yep, that's what I am generally seeing.
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    Clean Texas Star Sweet 16 for sale.

    Message sent.