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    KL-7505 warble/crunch

    I have a KL-7505 that, I have some questions on. I set this amp up with a 2950dx with a md-1. I set the radio using my scope and it sounds fine and I normally run about 200% modulation. When I paired this combo up to the 7505. I found the amp really only likes to run to about 20 watts dead key...
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    DX2950DX ept695015BR schematic

    I have the radio mentioned in the subject. It currently has. -No receive audio, does receive an RF signal but no audio heard from the main speaker or external. - PA function does not work either. -if you turn the radio on/off you can hear a brief burst of static. Here is the interesting part...
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    MD-1 on 2995DXCF

    Anyone know about instructions for the MD-1 mentioned for the radio in my subject? I see there are instructions on the topgun site but not specifically for that radio. I'd like to get a clean wave form over 100%.
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    Palomar Elite 250HD input tuning

    I have the amp listed in the subject. I noticed today, that the input tune was high, this is a new to me amp. I know the coax is fine and antenna, I've been thru that. This amp has two pills, not FETs inside, I noticed on top of the transformer the silver mica cap was burnt and it measured about...
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    Ranger 2995 DXCF

    I have a ranger 2995 DXCF that I believe is 100hz high in frequency. AM seems fine, but I noticed on LSB when I turned my radio to channel 37 (27.3750) that actually using the VFO and tuning to 27.3749 puts me right on channel 37. I found the 2995 DX manual online detailing the alignment points...
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    Ranger 2995 DX CF service manual

    I'd like to obtain a service manual for my radio to keep on hand. I found a 2995 DX manual online. Does anyone know if that is the right manual? I bought this radio new less than a few months ago.
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    Beam suggestions

    So I am looking for sensible beam suggestions. I have available a 50 foot tower and heavy duty rotor and thrust bearing. Here's my criteria - must be in current production readibly able to find. - Nothing that comes from over seas needs to be available in the US (shipping prices). - I want...
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    Ranger USA vendors

    I've decided I want a 2970n4 and a 2995dxcf. Can anyone recommend a reputable vendor? Also is "tune and alignment" nessecary? I'm fine doing an 11m conversion myself, but I just want a clean radio that jas 100% modulation and meets spec.