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  1. MisterFatty

    Tektronix 485 350 Mhz Dual Trace Scope

    Selling this old scope for a friend, I have it, seems to work OK, but Haven't done much with it, It will probably need a few caps and minor repair to work 100% Decent bright traces. $75 Plus shipping about 30 pounds to your door. I'll leave it here for a few days, then off to Ebay...
  2. MisterFatty

    400 + tubes For Sale

    400 + tubes for sale, did a random sampling of these when I bought them and all tested were good. Borrowed my tester out and never got it back :angry: So selling this lot As untested.. Don't ask for a list or specific tubes, the pics are as close as it is going to get. there is a pair of...
  3. MisterFatty

    Brownings, Tram, Galaxy DX99, Deltaforce, GrantXL x2, Amplifiers + more

    Prices MAY or MAY NOT be negotiable (ASK/MAKE OFFER) shipping is addtional. I will accept PayPal, check/money order. Anything not sold will evwentually make its way to Ebay, and probably sell for a whole lot more. This is all pretty much projects, I either bought these knowing they would...
  4. MisterFatty

    For Sale: Astatic MobileMax

    Need some quick cash in my PayPal for some goodies... Offering My Near NEW condition Astatic MobileMax Rev 1. these typically sell on FeeBay for 150-200+ not including shipping, and it would be tough to find one this nice. 9 ETS Tones, and 6 second recordable. $105.00 Shipped within the...
  5. MisterFatty

    2 Meter Gear, Dual Band HT

    TRADE PREFERRED All, or one.... Icom IC-Q7A Kenwood TM-271A Kenwood TH-K2 Icom, bought it new, quite a few years back, TH-K2 Swapped a forum member for it, TM-271A Bought new from Gigaparts. All work 100% A little dusty, but not beat up.. Icom, is very small, Dual-Bander, Wideband RX...
  6. MisterFatty

    FS: Silver Eagle 200

    Good Little Amplifier Works well, $55.00 Shipped CONUS Bought this Thinking it had a pair of 1446 transistors in it, need for a Palomar I have, however this uses a pair of MRF 455, So no use. May also consider trades.
  7. MisterFatty

    Windows 7 "God Mode"

    Although its name suggests perhaps even grander capabilities, Windows enthusiasts are excited over the discovery of a hidden "GodMode" feature that lets users access all of the operating system's control panels from within a single folder. Step 1: Right click. Step 2: Click create folder...
  8. MisterFatty

    RFX-75 New In Box $25 Shipped

    Title says it all, this is New In Box, was going to put it on a 29 but sold the radio. PM if your interested.
  9. MisterFatty

    Well I was going to restore it BUT....................

    UPS brought me 120 pounds of Browning Gear today, this is the first thing I tossed on the bench... Pics are after a light cleaning, this thing not only looks fantastic but it works 100% Even the Original Caps are still healthy..... Now to decide if I want to keep it or not, probably won't...
  10. MisterFatty

    Cobra 148GTL The GOOD One! Philly

    The radio is decent cosmetically, not perfect but not bad. Electronically better then new, receive has been modded to open the frequency response, you will need a GOOD speaker to take advantage of it. Transmit set about 2.5 watts DK, 25 or so Peak NPC-RC done correctly. Has a white LED in...
  11. MisterFatty

    Cobra 29 LTD CLassic with or without RFX-75

    This is a nice running 29, about 2 watts carrier, and 20 or so Peak. Mic, powercord included. $50 Shipped without RFX-75 $75 Shipped with RFX-75 RFX-75 alone $35.00 Shipped
  12. MisterFatty

    Father's Day Give Away winner

    First let me again Thanks all the forum members, and especially the Admins/Mods who sometimes go unappreciated. :thumbup: I know it has been a while, but I wanted to wait until I actually did something with the gift certificate. This took a while, between saving some cash for the balance of...
  13. MisterFatty

    PayPal Sucks Even More!

    IS IT POSSIBLE? Judge for yourself...... Just a heads up for everyone, not sure since when but GayPal now entrusts YOUR financial info to underpaid Engrish challenged Phillipinos. Be ready to be thoroughly frustrated if you have to deal with any of these halfwits....
  14. MisterFatty

    Courier Port-A-Lab 500 Schematic needed

    Can't find one in my collection, anyone happen to have one?
  15. MisterFatty

    Philly Grant XL with "The Mod"

    This is a nice Grant XL with a WeakStation The Mod installed 192 Channels, NO SKIPS on the selector, 3 Digit LED reads -79-108 plus all the A Channels. Clarifier is open, NPC-RC 2 watt DK about 25 PEP.
  16. MisterFatty

    Search Box blocked ATT: Mol

    I've checked this with IE, and Firefox 2.0, and my current choice of browser. Not really a huge deal but annoying when I try to search a specific forum, etc.... If you notice my screen shot, you can see the FleaBay Banner covers the menu options, Its probably just a simple HTML setting...
  17. MisterFatty

    SWR Bridge, Civil War Era

    Ok, just found this ultra rare item :ohmy:.... Had to share it :thumbup:, bet it uses a Flux capacitor!:lol: SWR Bridge, Civil War Era - eBay (item 220349074412 end time Jan-24-09 20:04:47 PST)
  18. MisterFatty

    Part of my Station

    Re-doing my radio room, still have a long ways to go, wanted to get it started though... Here is a shot of an old TX and RX, I've actually just started to re-acquire some of the gear I've had in the past. More to come when I get things at least some-what presentable. Still looking for a more...