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  1. Taxi Driver

    I Need Professional Help!

    Some say I'm beyond help but that's another thread for another time. My radio setup needs help. Here's the threads about the radio and amp http://www.worldwidedx.com/cb-band-cb-radios/166446-anyone-recognize-radio-gecol-gv-2000-a.html...
  2. Taxi Driver

    Amplifier Question

    What's the purpose of the pre-amp switch on the amp in the link? http://www.worldwidedx.com/general-cb-services-discussion/166146-another-any-info-amp-thread.html Thanks
  3. Taxi Driver

    Anyone Recognize This Radio? GECOL GV-2000

    I'm resurrecting my antique 11m radio. I don't know much about it. The tag says it's a GECOL GV-2000. I bought it used in the mid 1990's A search on the internet turned up no specific info about this radio. There's a GV-2000 parts radio for sale in Thailand. That's the only specific...
  4. Taxi Driver

    Best Bang For The Buck SWR/Watt Meter

    Can some recommend a "best bang for the buck" SWR/Watt meter? Not sure whats good and what's not. I'm not rich either. I'd like a unit that is good enough to use on a real radio with 200 or so watts. Real radio is defined as a RCI-2950/2970 or a similar export radio. If a combo unit...
  5. Taxi Driver

    Another "Any Info On This Amp?" Thread

    Here's the amp I used in the late '90s. Most people I talked to on 11 Meter said it sounded great. I'm wondering if anyone here knows anything about it. I'm interested in the actual power output and data like that. A quick search showed that these type of amps weren't well thought of...
  6. Taxi Driver

    Sirio Mag Base and Firestik Antenna?

    Will the Sirio Mag 145 PL magnetic mount work with a three foot Firestik antenna? I'm resurrecting my old CB setup from the '90's. From what I've read the Sirio mount is the best magnetic mount out there. Thanks TD
  7. Taxi Driver

    New Menber. Found Old CB Setup

    Hello Been lurking for a few weeks. I found my old mobile CB setup from the late'90's GECOL GV-2000 Three foot Firestik Big silver thing that we're not supposed to talk about. I pulled the setup out of my car at the time because the trunk lip mounted Firestik just didn't work in that...