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  1. Crash Ash

    Smoketember 19th Sign up's.

    I'm in. Ugly Drum Smoker has entered!
  2. Crash Ash


    Mac and Cheese also for any kids out there.
  3. Crash Ash


    I'm thinking about making bread in the DO. Then maybe a cobbler.
  4. Crash Ash

    In honor of Darren Rumas - Burning Ham fireworks...

    I'm SORRY I have offended some Scrappers. Bunch of pussies! Really guys, just trying to get the group to help fund the fireworks show. It is something that we all get to enjoy at Burning Ham. 5 dollars, 10 dollars, everything helps to an event we ALL get to enjoy. Don't make me call you a...
  5. Crash Ash

    In honor of Darren Rumas - Burning Ham fireworks...

    Really? We have funded $25o dollars only? I vote to rename the repeater to Slacker Radio. You guys are a bunch of slackers! Bunch of God Damned Pussies! You guy's couldn't fund yourselves out of a pile of dog shit!
  6. Crash Ash

    In honor of Darren Rumas - Burning Ham fireworks...

    Come on you dead asses! Get off your cheap asses and fund this thing. Cheap ass scrappers!
  7. Crash Ash

    So what happened to the machine

    Think Pink Floyd, Welcome to the Machine, By the way, what is up with the machine?
  8. Crash Ash

    Eastern Sierra campout

    Don, I might be able to make the trip. Have not been up there yet this year. I'll keep looking at the post. Rock Creek is my favorite spot in the Sierras. I normally stay at East Fork. Keep looking at the post or try to hook up on the radio. Ed Ash KJ6SBX
  9. Crash Ash

    Field Day Campout 2014

    I don't know what route I took. The one I took, I passed up coming from Big Bear City going down the mountain on Hwy 38. When I got to the summit I turned around and started to head back to Big Bear. Then I saw the Scrappertown urinal target sign. Made the right turn and the pavement ran out...
  10. Crash Ash

    Field Day Campout 2014

    Well I only made it about 1/2 mile down the dirt road before I turned around. My truck is still in the shop and all I have was my son's Mustang. Sits way to low for that road. After the second bottom out I said enough. :unsure: Too bad, I was looking forward to seeing everyone. Even tried to...
  11. Crash Ash

    Don't Know if This Will Work, But I'll Give it a Try

    Emergency communications? Honey, should I stop by the store and pick up a quart of milk? Good luck with it IRK. Hopefully they don't sneeze "Bullsh*t" I do give you credit for trying.
  12. Crash Ash

    Why I love Fox news

    Gotta love Fox news channel :w00t: The Girls On Fox News Song - YouTube
  13. Crash Ash

    Are you F'ing kidding me?!?

    What is really funny is the fact that gas prices are still rising and refineries are at max capacity right now. And good old Sacramento is still saying they need more. Will it ever stop? Hell no, we know better. It's just like when they tell us to conserve water than raise our rates because...
  14. Crash Ash

    Newbie Alert

    Motor drive, what the hell is that! :cursing:
  15. Crash Ash

    Just Another Day At Work...

    Man, I hope you put on a space suit and burn the thing when you leave. How the hell do you not get any hitch hikers going home with you. Just amazing.
  16. Crash Ash

    Hams for Tots

    I did last years event. If anyone would like to take it over, it's fine me but if we don't have any takers, then I will help out.
  17. Crash Ash

    Ifly... and so can you. Indoor Sky Diving

    Man That looks fun. I like how your face is blown out of shape. Funny. DTO how much does that cost? Also is that at Universal City Walk?
  18. Crash Ash

    Individuals Prohibited from Using the Repeater

    Holy Shit! Remind me to never go fishing with KAO