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  1. Bundy

    Difference between a straight 4 pill and a 2x4 amp?

    In a nutshell I'm confused about the difference between a straight pill amp and a pill driving other pills, as in a 1x4, 2x4, etc. Can you all school me in this... Looking for a base amp for the first time. Thanks in advance!
  2. Bundy

    WTB Magnum 257HP

    Looking to purchase an 11 meter ready Magnum 257HP.... Pm please
  3. Bundy

    WTB Magnum S-9

    In search of a Magnum S-9 that is in good condition. Must be 100% in working order. Thanks in advance!
  4. Bundy

    Radio Shack SWR meter.. Brand new in box

    Looking to sell a brand new Radio Shack SWR meter that has never been used and now unavailable online. $45- shipped CONUS I
  5. Bundy

    WTB Galaxy 959/979

    Looking to purchase a Galaxy 959 or 979 in good working order. I have nothing to trade but $$. Thanks in advance.
  6. Bundy

    Radio Shack SWR meter brand new

    I have a Brand New Radio Shack SWR meter for sale, brand new in packaging, manual included. Opened box, that is all. $25-shipped Conus, Paypal
  7. Bundy

    Magnum 257HP-for sale

    Leaving the hobby so I'm parting with my Magnum 257HP, can't find these things anywhere except E-bay. 8 out of 10 cosmetically, 10 out of 10 in performance. Incredible on SSB. Comes in original box, no mounting bracket, has mounting screws, short quick disconnect power cable. Pics available upon...
  8. Bundy

    Life expectancy of an A99?

    I've had an A99 up on my mini-tower for about 8 years. Survived a hurricane and some pretty nasty blizzards. The fiberglass is cracking and it looks a bit beat up.....I do want to upgrade but my money is going to another hobby right now, is this thing toast? The receive is normal but I don't...
  9. Bundy

    Panasonic RF-4900 communications receiver

    Closet find! No charge for dust! Panasonic RF-4900 FM/AM 10-Band Communications Receiver Original condition! Has been stored since 1981, works great except one light is out on the left side upper meter. Receivable-Signal types: FM, AM, CW, SSB FM 88-108 MHZ MW 525-1605 MHZ SW1...
  10. Bundy

    Pyramid power supply, a simple ?

    I'm looking to set up a new base station and was looking at a Pyramid power supply but I notice it has banana plugs for the + and -. My old Astron just had studs so put a ring connector on the leads and I was done. I guess I need to attach banana plugs to the leads on the power wires, is that...
  11. Bundy

    Breedlove Mount And Wilson 5000?

    If I were to purchase a behind the cab antenna mount from Breedlove could I mount my mag mount Wilson 5000 on it? (minus the mag mount itself of course) Just the coil I mean. https://breedlovemounts.com/Front_bed_rail_bracket.html
  12. Bundy

    User name change

    Can my user name get changed to Bundy please. Thanks in advance.
  13. Bundy

    Where to purchase braided ground strap?

    After a forum search and some google searching I have really not come up with much info. I'm trying to do some research on where to purchase braided ground strap with the lugs already soldered on. There seems to be some suppliers on Ebay but I can't stand supporting Ebay in any way. Can anyone...
  14. Bundy

    Dipole on the living room carpet?

    If I start up a base again I am forced to use a dipole antenna. (which I have no experience with) From everything I have read the preferred location is to string it up in the attic. I'm on the first level of a 2-story apt. building so that is not an option. Could I just lay the dipole down...
  15. Bundy

    Magnum 257HP

    Recently purchased from another member on this forum I never was able to install it in my truck. Changing direction so it's up for sale, prior owner used it on his base. 9 out of 10 cosmetically. Comes with box, power cord, mic, mounting bracket, just no mounting screws 11 meter ready $180-...
  16. Bundy

    WTB Magnum 257HP

    Looking to purchase a Magnum 257HP in good working order. Thanks in advance.
  17. Bundy

    WTB Magnum 257HP

    Looking to buy a Magnum 257HP (blue face) must be 11m ready, paypal ready but must work 100%, No BS