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  1. JPT

    My soon to be new tower.

    I have been trying to figure out what direction to go with my new 10K, as in the best way to get it up higher. I dont want to use a tree, since it will be hard to service the antenna if needed. I remembered this tower at a logging yard, that has not been used in years. I contacted the owner, who...
  2. JPT

    Master Chief

    Master Chief, do you have a link to your instructions on CB Tricks? Thanks, JPT.
  3. JPT

    Avanti Astro Plane (old school)

    I recently went and knocked on the front door of a old man that I had helped install this antenna MANY years ago, as a kid. This gentleman has since passed away & his son lives there now. We chatted for awhile about the CB craze of the 70's and he asked me if I would help him take it down, since...