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  1. Robalo

    Base Vector 4K high swr

    I have to put my antenna down because I have variable swr from 1.2 to 2.5 or more so far this is what I found up. Any idea how to fix it please tx.
  2. Robalo

    I would like an opinion on TL-922A.

    I just got a TL-922A and before booting it up I would like to know if any of you happen to see anything wrong with it. I’ll attach some photos below. 73’s
  3. Robalo


    Sunday morning I opened the door and found this surprise. I hope it works
  4. Robalo

    Cobra 29LTD no TX

    I just got this radio with tx problem on tr21on collector I do not have voltage on rx on B and E I have 7.8v .mmm. when i tx the mike on collector tr14 and tr 15 read about 35 volts. PC-900AC board
  5. Robalo

    Base Antenna guess?

    Do you guys think it’s a good summer project? Or any thoughts on if this a good DX antenna? Or just taking up space?
  6. Robalo

    Sonar BR-2906 help with rfi

    Finally I have time to work, My little amp is a Sonar br-2906. It's tuned to an AM channel 20, I got 40 watts DK on AM. Then I did the jump mod for SSB. It does 56 DK WINT 150pep. It sounds really good on air, great modulation, but it has some RFI noise. Can someone help me find the problem I...
  7. Robalo

    Magnum 357DX power issue

    Radio on tx AM 50(100 pep) watts, FM 100 watts, LSB 100 watts, now USB look, it tx 210 watts and blow the 20 amps fuses. what i need to do, thank. :confused::confused::confused:. how do I power balance?
  8. Robalo

    Base Note from Master Chief from 2006 Maco V-58

    set every element for 6" of overlap and adjust the TOP section for resonance (ground plane elements are 4" per instructions). Maco suggests adjusting "T43P" (second section). I'd much rather have a solid 6" of overlap here. You will find that the top section will have close to 12" overlap. Since...
  9. Robalo

    I need help to connect this Amp please

    1st time playing with fire .I hope you can help me on this experience. The amp has 3 new bulb A811a and wend i turn on. I have 1.8 plate voltage on STBY. Thank you in advance.Also I need to know is the ARb-702 box run with 9-12 volts .o if I used de grey cable only with pin 2 ground,pin 4 red ...
  10. Robalo

    What is this for?

    I stopped by today on a garage sale and I found some ham radio treasure from ft-920, al811, low pass filters, Alonzo dr140t, microphones, whole different bands/antennas, balun kits, amp tubes, antenna rotors, antenna books cubical quad arrr antenna books from 1974, and more. tomorrow I will...
  11. Robalo

    Two 600 heaters

    I just received and tested this heater and I would like to know if this is average wattages. They seem to work okay, the Palomar needs a fix though. Thanks for the comments.
  12. Robalo

    Power master 100+

    Can you help if this resistor o with the schematic thank you in advance
  13. Robalo

    Roger beep

    I am working on galaxy 949 dx right now and i can hear the tone on AM only not on SSB It thas right?
  14. Robalo

    Base What kind of this antenna is this ?

    I am trying to put it together. I need pdf file please 73’s @Robalo
  15. Robalo


    i need to know wend yaesu release new model right now I looking in to FT-891 little nice radio.
  16. Robalo

    1978 no info fund

    Where is the modulation VR .
  17. Robalo

    I need Multimeter Opinion

    I need new multimeter, what do you guys think of the new unit "UNI-T UT89XD Digital Multimeter" or what do you guys recommend for me, preferably under $100?
  18. Robalo

    FC 390 Texas ranger

    Have you try this before what a pain in the &@77
  19. Robalo

    Cobra 148 gtl ST

    On this audio circuit, what’s the best upgrade or mods you guys recommend? The audio on this radio is too low. Any help appreciated!
  20. Robalo

    23 channels from 1976 and olders

    Good material for practice LOL